Healthy tips for breastfeeding mother and child by Dr.Shalu Jain

Dr. Shalu Jain informs some healthy solutions on breastfeeding week awareness which is a must for healthy children and healthy mothers. She explains the importance the breastfeeding for mothers.

World Breastfeeding Week is used to celebrate for making and understanding the people to give their small babies only Mother’s Milk for their better growth of the Body. The body can develop in a better way when Qualitative and better Milk is given to the Babies. One has to do many of the activities to achieve their goals in the future. To make the Baby more Sharp, Intelligent, and Strong enough to tackle and handle all the activities properly, every Mother has to develop their mind to focus and concentrate on giving every small Child Mother’s Milk.

This initiative was applied from the grassroots level to aware and give knowledge to the parents of the newborn child. It is essential to be aware that mothers feed their babies at least six months to two years, along with semi-solid food for their nutritional growth.

Dr. Shalu Jain is a Consultant Pediatrician and Neonatologist. Dr. Shalu Jain specializes in and promotes nutrition and education of girl children. She is practicing in Umbrella Clinic Bangalore. 

She is a life member of IAP, NNF- India.

Dr. Shalu specializes in the care of extreme Preemies, sick newborns, Neonatal Surgical Intensive Care, Neonatal Transport, Developmentally supportive & family-centered care. She has completed her PGP in Pediatric Nutrition,

She has laudable motives in promoting health, nutrition & education of a girl child & works for abolishing female foeticide in our society

Girl child foeticide 

Dr. Shalu Jain says, “We usually encourage healthy children and smart children for every parent. We usually encourage parents and mothers not to go for sex determination. We ensure that mothers take care and opt for family planning. We ensure that do not go for Ultrasound thinking of girl child and sex determination. I usually encourage counseling. When the parents approach us first, we tell them to think positively about the pregnancy. I ensure and give my best and I congratulate every mother on having a girl child and to encourage them to educate the child and make them study and girls are better than boys.”

Breastfeeding in children 

Dr. Shalu informs, “According to WHO, UNICEF and IAP, it recommends breastfeeding for every mother and child for a healthy life. The newborn should be breastfed within 30 minutes of birth. It is important to encourage healthy breastfeeding to the child as and when required. The child should be healthy and increasing in weight while breastfeeding along with a good urinary output of 6 - 8 diapers daily. This means the baby is adequately breastfed. When the baby is born, he takes frequent feeds every hour or two. As the baby settles down, the frequency is 2 -3 hours. Some babies demand more and some every 3 hours. When the baby starts growing they continue to take 4 - 6 feeds with 2 -3 hours gaps per feed and long hours of sleep. Every baby is different. Do not think about the number of times the child breastfeeds. Ensure that his appetite is normal, motion and sleep are also normal. This means he is getting adequate breastfeed”

Hygiene care during breastfeeding 

Dr. Shalu states, “Mothers might have a skin infection or associated diseases and must maintain hygiene before breastfeeding. Nipple soreness is also a very common problem. If you are applying any cream, ensure that it is clean before you breastfeed the child. Wipe the topical medication and clean it before breastfeeding. This will ensure that the taste of the milk does not differ which might discourage the act of breastfeeding. If you are sweaty and have not taken a bath, ensure that you maintain hygiene as the risk of transmission of diseases and infection from mother to child is very high. 

We have not proved yet the vertical transmission of COVID from mother’s milk to the child. There are more benefits of breastfeeding in COVID-positive mothers of breast milk than risk. If the mother is healthy and can feed the baby, then they should encourage breastfeeding. Some measures should be taken like - 

Always wear mask  Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds  Keep baby at a distance when not breastfeeding If the mother is ill during COVID, handle carefully  Encourage handing the baby with a close family member  Sanitizing surface “

Foods for mothers for healthy breast milk 

Dr. Shalu informs, “Diet plays a very important role both during pregnancy and lactation. Do not overeat but consume 500- 600 calories extra. Make sure you eat 3 meals and 2 -3 light snacks with a high intake of protein from meat, eggs. Take care of iron and calcium and must be high in content. Have green leafy vegetables, milk, milk products, and ragi. Drink plenty of water with 7- 8 glasses which helps in milk production and avoid dehydration. Consume fruit juices and coconut water. Avoid caffeinated drinks and sugary drinks along with alcohol during pregnancy and lactation. Methi seeds, jeera are natural lactose-producing foods. Mental health plays a very important role during breastfeeding.”

Mental health during lactation 

Dr.Shalu explains, “These points should be taken care of during lactation for happy mental health for mother and child- 

Privacy during breastfeeding Emotional support  Taking care of household chores  Hormonal and physical changes  New mother must be taken care  Societal Judgements  Take adequate food  Avoid anxiety which will inhibit prolactin factor  Good sleep  Antenatal care and training for couples” 

Health-related problems during breastfeeding

Dr. Shalu says, “Sore and cracked nipples occur when there is poor latching and when the mother is not positioned well during breastfeeding. In these cases, the mother will not be able to feed the baby. Take help from a pediatrician and correct latching during breastfeeding. 

Keeping the baby’s head in the right position by supporting the neck. Do not breastfeed while lying down. Keep the area of the nose free from the baby to avoid pressure which can disrupt breathing through the nose. Lying down and sleeping in the title position while breastfeeding can hamper the breathing of the baby. It should be done in an observational way.”

Excess and less breast milk problem

Dr.Shalu informs, “Breast engorgement is very common in lactating mothers leading to hardness of breast. Take a warm bath or do a hot fomentation. This results in the letting down of milk and helps the baby to latch well. Regular milk flow occurs as the baby keeps on demanding milk regularly. 

Blocked milk duct- Approach doctors for blocked milk duct. Blocked milk ducts can seriously cause an abscess. So kindly consult doctors in such cases.”

(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)


Contributed by: Dr. Shalu Jain, Pediatrician, Umbrella Clinic Bangalore
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