High blood pressure vs. low blood pressure

Know the difference between high blood pressure and low blood pressure. Along with its symptoms, causes and dangers.

Both high blood pressure and low blood pressure are the conditions of the heart. In the former, the heart has to work and pump faster. High blood pressure is also known as Hypertension. It is a serious condition as it shows no major visible signs. But is in fact a silent killer. As more pressure builds on the heart it increases the risk of having strokes, heart attacks and even kidney failures. Usually, the causes of high blood pressure are lifestyle conditions like drinking, smoking, intake of junk food, obesity, stress and inactivity. In certain cases, genetics and age also play a role. 

There are 3 types or categories of hypertension and they are - 

Stage 1 Hypertension - Systolic (130-139) and Diastolic (80-89) Stage 2 Hypertension - Systolic (140-179) and Diastolic (90-119) Hypertension crisis - Systolic (180+) and Diastolic (120+)

On the other hand, low blood pressure is known as Hypotension. Here the blood pressure falls in the category of systolic value of 90 and a diastolic value of 60. Unlike hypertension, hypotension is generally not considered dangerous. Provided that it doesn’t come with dizziness and lethargy. One can experience low blood pressure due to reasons like diabetes, thyroid, dehydration, pregnancy, blood loss and infections. Dropping of blood pressure is normal and shouldn’t be a source of your stress. You will feel signs like blurry vision, fatigue, nausea, breathlessness and low concentration levels in low BP. 

With High BP (Hypertension) one should lower their salt intake. On the contrary, one should increase their salt intake in Low BP (Hypotension). Make sure you exercise well in both High and Low blood pressure. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Cut down on alcohol, smoking and junk food. In low blood pressure, one must take smaller and frequent meals to avoid dizziness.

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