Homeopathy should be the first line of treatment for Autism and related conditions says Dr. Anish Vaknalli, Director at HomeoConsult R&D

“Homeopathic medicines generally do not have side effects. There is absolutely no harm in taking allopathic and homeopathic medicines simultaneously provided you keep a little gap between administering the two medicines,” Dr. Anish Vaknalli, MD of Homeoconsult R&D

Homeopathy is a branch of medical science that deals with natural, safe and effective medicines. Homeopathy is different from the conventional mode of treatment which is completely natural. We at Medicircle, are conducting and spreading awareness about the benefits of Homeopathy by interviewing eminent Homeopathic doctors on the occasion of World Homeopathy Day.

Dr. Anish Vaknalli is the Managing Director of Homeoconsult R&D. He has over 25 years of experience in the field of Homeopathy. Dr. Anish is the inventor of the NP (Neuro-Pathway) therapy, which treats sensory neural conditions with homeopathy and bio neural supplements.

Basics of homeopathy

Dr. Anish shares, “Homeopathy originally was discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1700, around 300 years ago. He was a physician himself and was not happy with the way things were going on in that century. With his own experiences, he realized that when a person comes to you with certain symptoms, the substance which can cure those symptoms, should be able to produce the same symptoms in a healthy person in a diluted form. So, this is the basics of homeopathy, which is extremely scientific. It is thoroughly studied. For every drug, there were 4000 remedies in homeopathy. Every remedy after trying on a healthy person, symptoms are noted down, and then we refer to these particular indications to give remedy to the person suffering from those symptoms,” adds Dr. Anish.

Homeopathy works in minute doses also

Dr. Anish explains, “When you take any homeopathic medicine, it mimics those symptoms which you already have. By mimicking it, it is telling your body to respond, to bring your body back to a healthy state naturally. So, it is only aiding your body to recognize that you need to do something correct about it and get rid of those problems. Thus, in no way it is harmful because it is in such minute doses that it actually rectifies itself.”

Homeopathy cures from the roots

Dr. Anish stresses, “A case will not become chronic unless you make it chronic. If a person has an allergy, sneezing, or has asthma, the allopathic doctor will give some antihistamines or bronchodilators. It will only superficially control the disease. Slowly the problem will become chronic in some days. While in homeopathy, by giving particular remedies, in some time, the problem will disappear because the body has rectified itself from its roots. So, one should not run directly to conventional medicines. First, try to do the homeopathic treatment so that the condition will not become chronic.”

Homeopathic medicines have more advantages than limitations

Dr. Anish mentions, “If the disease become too chronic, and the person has become so weakened, that he may need some allopathic medicine. We can start giving homeopathic medicines along with conventional medicine. In these cases, you may not be able to completely wean him off those allopathic drugs, but you could definitely bring about a change in the person. You can improve his overall health. Homeopathy works wonderfully in some chronic cases like Hypertension, Arthritis, Asthma, PCOS. Anyone can start homeopathy for these types of long-term diseases. Individuals can consult a homeopathic doctor to get deeper knowledge about the treatment procedure.  So, the scope of homeopathy in every chronic case is wonderful with certain limitations, but there are more advantages than limitations,” says Dr. Anish.

Allopathic and homeopathic medicine can be taken together with a little gap between administering

Dr. Anish informs, “Both forms of medicine can be administered simultaneously. Allopathic medicine is a material dose, it is in a chemical form or a plant extract form. Whereas in homeopathic medicine, the medicine is diluted to a great extent and the material form of the original substance of plant or chemical is absent. The frequency of the medicine that is released into the alcohol or water in which it is prepared. Both systems work differently. One is imparting some chemical effect to reduce your symptoms while the other is telling your body to rectify itself. So, one is temporary, and the other one is long standing. And there is absolutely no harm in taking both together provided you keep a little bit of a gap between administering the two medicines.”

Homeopathy medicines have no side effects

Dr. Anish tells, “Homeopathic medicines generally do not have side effects. As these are in diluted form, there is no actual material form of the original substance. But if you take homeopathy for too long without a doctor’s consultation, it can cause proving. You will start developing some different symptoms altogether, which only a homeopath would know. Although there is no toxicity, side effects, or organ failure yet you should always take homeopathy medicine in the guidance of a homeopathy doctor as the doctor needs to check whether the medicine is helping or not, if it is not helping, it needs to get change. Homeopathy can take care of all your day-to-day problems like cough and cold, skin problems, etc. I think this should be the first line of treatment that anybody should go for.”

Role of Homeopathy in treating Autism

Dr. Anish expresses, “For past 15 years, I only focus on kids and their mental health and development. There are a lot of issues with kids nowadays because things have changed, lifestyle has changed, the environment has changed drastically. Parents don't have time to spend with their kids, a nice little gadget is given to a child’s hand and screen time has increased significantly. Kids pick up certain behavior, body language, aggression, rage in themselves by seeing mobile phones. These children further develop behavioral issues, ADHD, Autism, speech delay. Autistic children basically cannot process, interpret and respond. If you call the child, he will not even look at you, there won't be any eye contact, he will just ignore you, it's a very disturbing condition for parents. And these conditions have got no treatment. If you go to a Pediatrician, the doctor will give you psychiatric drugs. This will calm the child down or subdue the child, but there could be other symptoms or signs that could develop as a result of it. So, homeopathy medicine is the best alternative to this. Parents need to have patience as it is a development problem, it will take some time. Some children start responding in a month, some may take a couple of months but over the time, child's cognition, understanding, focus, speech will change significantly,” speaks Dr. Anish.

Dr. Anish adds, “And the beauty is that, where there is no treatment available, homeopathy is able to reverse or even improve the condition of these kids. So, we see a lot of amazing recoveries, to the extent of normalizing them, but not possible in all cases. In these types of cases, I think homeopathy should be the first line of treatment.”

A piece of advice

Dr. Anish talks, “Doctors should be open up about the possible treatments available for these kinds of conditions. Neurologists Paediatricians, Occupational Therapists, and Homeopaths should work together to bring wellbeing in these skills. One should keep an open mind and should look after other modes of treatment too. If you have not tried homeopathy, you will not be a fan of homeopathy.”

Dr. Anish Vaknalli

Director, HomeoConsult R&D

Homeopathic Consultant – Chronic disease, Behavioural and Developmental Specialist

Mobile No. – 9594993266/67, 9820190203

Website – www.homeoconsult.com

Email - [email protected]

(Edited by - Renu Gupta)


Contributed By: Dr. Anish Vaknalli, Director at Homeoconsult R&D

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