How dangerous is monkeypox disease?

Many people think monkeypox is dangerous. Well, let us not forget that there is no cure for monkeypox. But, it can be prevented. Let us give you some insights on spread of this disease worldwide.

On one hand, while the outbreak of coronavirus epidemic continues throughout the world, there has been a stir due to the knock of another rare and deadly disease. Cases of the monkeypox virus have been found in 12 countries of the world including America and Britain, after which many other health agencies including the World Health Organization have expressed concern about it.

It has been said by the World Health Organization that this disease is spreading rapidly among people and if the right steps are not taken at the right time, then monkeypox can take the form of an epidemic. 

According to WHO, this infectious disease is spreading even in such countries where it was not expected. 92 patients with monkeypox have been found in 12 countries of the world, and 28 such people who are being seen as suspected patients have also been investigated. In the coming days, the cases of this disease are showing signs of spreading rapidly. In the investigation of WHO, it has been found that the rapid spread of this disease is a matter of concern for the whole world. Although there is no cure for monkeypox so far, it is believed that the smallpox vaccine can be used for its treatment in the coming days.

Monkeypox Virus Cases Worldwide in 12 Countries

According to the World Health Organization, cases of monkeypox are spreading rapidly in 12 countries. The World Health Organization's investigation has found that the disease is spreading normally in West and Central Africa, but the spread of this disease in some countries where no cases have been found so far is dangerous. So far 92 cases of monkeypox have been found in 12 countries of the world including America, and Britain. These countries include Australia, the USA, the UK, Spain, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, France, and England. Different health agencies are investigating these cases, but the rapid spread of these cases can cause serious concern. The cases of monkeypox spreading rapidly in European countries are increasing the concern of the people.

How dangerous is monkeypox disease? 

According to the US health agency CDC, monkeypox disease has spread to many countries of the world, but its spread is not happening very fast. Many scientists and people around the world are talking about it taking the form of a corona epidemic, but its cases are not spreading faster than corona infection.

Cases of monkeypox are spreading rapidly among people who come in contact with a person who has been exposed to these diseases. Since monkeypox is a rare and serious disease and no cure has been found so far, it is considered more serious. Expressing concern over this disease, the World Health Organization has warned countries about its danger. According to WHO, the risk of the monkeypox virus is increasing due to having a physical relationship with a person infected with monkeypox. In such a situation, people should immediately consult a doctor on seeing the symptoms.

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