Re-implant case of left hand of Shri Harjeet Singh ASI, Patiala Police done successfully at PGI, Chandigarh

▴ Re-implant case

The left hand of a 50 yrs old patient from Patiala was successfully re-implanted at PGI, Chandigarh.

After a phone call from Mr Dinkar Gupta, DG Police, Punjab to Dr Jagat Ram, Director PGI, Chandigarh around 7:45AM on 12thApril 2020. Dr Jagat Ram activated the emergency team at Advanced Trauma centre, PGI andhe gave the responsibility to Prof Ramesh Sharma, Head Department of Plastic Surgery to organize admission and hand re-implantation of a 50 yrs old patient from Patiala.

The Plastic Surgery team consisted of Consultants Dr Sunil Gaba and Dr. Jerry R John. Senior residents : Dr Suraj Nair; Dr.Mayank; Dr Chandra and Dr Shubendu Anaesthesia team Consultant: Dr Ankur Senior Resident : Dr. Abhishek and Dr. Purnima, Nursing team S/N Arvind, S/N Sneha and S/N Arsh.

A 50 years old patient had an amputation through the proximal wrist of left hand. The reimplantation was started around 10 am after initial preparation of the amputated part. Both radial and ulnar artery, the vena commitantes and an extra dorsal vein were anastomosed. All the flexors and extensor tendons were repaired. All the nerves at the wrist repaired Bony fixation done using three K- wires. The approximate time taken is about 7.5 hours.

This was technically very complex and challenging surgery, which has been successfully done.

It was evaluated at the end of surgery that hand is viable, warm with good circulation.

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