Interesting facts about brain and its functions

For scientists around the world, many questions related to the human brain are still unresolved. Today we are telling you some interesting facts related to the brain running faster than the computer.

Have you ever wondered what our brain is and how it works? What is the role of our mind in telling something right or wrong? Do you think why it happens when we walk on the road and seeing a person or a relative of our acquaintance brings a smile to our face and body language changes? If you have never thought about this, then it is a different matter, but if you think but do not get the answer, then tell us that we do all these activities with the help of the brain. Our mind is the power that gives instruction to the whole body.

You can understand it like this our body is just a puppet in front of our mind. The human mind is so powerful that it is almost impossible to recreate such a machine. 

Main functions of the brain

Our mind has a very deep contribution to running our body or in taking any kind of decision. Our brain works to keep the heartbeat normal, prevent uncontrolled breathing, maintain body temperature, and keep blood pressure stable. You can understand it in such a way that when we hear some good or bad news, our breathing becomes faster or the body temperature starts changing, in that case, the brain controls it. Along with this, the brain tells us about the process happening around us by seeing, touching, and tasting with the help of various senses. Our brain controls all these movements in what we are getting involved in, and what we are responding to. The brain also gives us the power to think and understand.

Interesting facts about brain

  1. Whenever something good or bad happens to us, the brain immediately informs the body and then our body responds accordingly.
  2. A normal person blinks about 20 thousand times in a day. Due to this, a person remains blind for an average of 30 minutes a day.
  3. Even if the brain does not get oxygen for about 6 minutes, then it can work. However, if this happens for more than 6 minutes, there is a risk of brain damage.
  4. Apart from the human race, other animals and animals have brains but they lack conscience. The human mind can visualize anything and find a solution to a problem.
  5. The weight of a normal person's brain is 3 pounds i.e. 1 kg up to 500 grams. Which is made up of more than 75 percent water, 10 percent fat, and 8 percent protein.
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