Facebook reports its first COVID-19 case

▴ Facebook reports its first COVID19 case
Facebook's and Amazon reports positive for coronavirus individually.

 The USA has seen a fast multiplication in cases and  Thursday Facebook Inc has affirmed that a temporary worker at a Seattle office has been determined to have the coronavirus and the internet based life goliath said it would close that area until March 9. The office will be closed and disinfected for other employees ."A temporary worker situated in our Stadium East office has been determined to have the COVID-19," a representative said in a messaged explanation.

Facebook said it has urged its representatives, including the laborers in all the Seattle areas to work from home until the month's end.

Seattle in Washington state has the biggest grouping of coronavirus cases affirmed to date in the United States. The state urges companies to promote work from home ideas to all of the employers to have better control of the virus.

With Facebook, Online retailer Amazon.com Inc on Tuesday revealed the primary instance of the infection among its US workers. This creates concern as the office has huge employees.

The updates on the Facebook temporary worker is determined to have the coronavirus was first detailed by Bloomberg.

Office goers are advised to stay as safe as possible with maximum sanitization which can use while traveling to their offices.

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