Is the new variant of Corona - Omicron Mild?

Omicron is the new variant that is creating havoc these days worldwide. Remember, that omicron is a mildly infectious disease that is spreading. Let us know what WHO and AIIMS can tell us about omicron.

It may be noted that in November last year, a new variant of Corona, Omicron, was detected. The World Health Organization had declared this new variant of Corona as a Variant of Concern. Now, this variant has reached 128 countries of the world and its infection is increasing rapidly. In view of the Omicron infection in India, strict restrictions have been imposed in many states and it is believed that if the corona infection continues to grow like this, then the country may go into a state of lockdown again.

A vaccination campaign for children above 15 years of age has also been started in the country from January 3. Experts are constantly advising to get vaccines, wear masks and follow the rules of social distancing to prevent corona infection.

The AIIMS chief said that the symptoms of this disease are mild but people should not be careless towards it.

Regarding the Omicron variant in the country, AIIMS chief Dr. Randeep Guleria has said that people should not be afraid or panic about it. Dr. Guleria said that the Omicron variant is not more dangerous because only mild symptoms have been seen in the disease caused by it. But, people need to be careful. The AIIMS chief said that people should follow the Kovid-19 protocol, people should get the covid vaccine, and wear masks. Apart from this, follow social distancing and stay away from the crowd because even though the symptoms of this disease are mild, people should not be careless towards it. 

Let us inform you that Dr. Guleria had said some time ago that due to the statistics of vaccination in the country, the immunity among the people has increased a lot. Similarly, health facilities are also in better condition than before. The preparedness to combat the Kovid infection in the country is better and adequate beds and oxygen support are available in the covid centers and hospitals.

Omicron variant is not scary

Many things are being talked about about new variants of coronavirus and an atmosphere of fear is being created among the people. But, AIIMS Director Dr. Randeep Guleria has said that this new variant of coronavirus is not such that there is a need to panic. He said that the disease caused by the Omicron variant is showing very mild symptoms of infection. It does not have much of a bad effect on the lungs. The symptoms seen in infection include common cold and cough, fever, or body ache, which are very minor.

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