Is you child addicted to mobile phone?

Nowadays, to keep children busy, parents themselves give them by playing games and videos. But do you know that the blue light emitted from the screen of a mobile or tablet can be very harmful to the eyes of children? Let us know in detail.

You must have seen that nowadays even small children are engaged with their phones throughout the day. Even 2-3-year-old children are so expert in playing games, watching videos, and making video calls on mobile that sometimes they get embarrassed by their elders. You must have also seen children getting angry, crying, screaming, and shouting for not giving mobile phones. But have you wondered how such a habit starts in them? The answer is very simple- because of the mistakes of the parents.

Yes, according to the research report published by Harvard Medical School, the age from birth to 5 years is very important for the proper development of the brain. At this age, children develop abilities like thinking, comparing, writing, reading, learning a new language, and creativity. These abilities arise due to the connections of millions of neurons inside the brain. But the blue light emitted from the mobile screen obstructs the connection of these neurons, which affects the mental development of children. Let us tell you that due to the mistakes of parents, children get addicted to mobile and how you can get rid of them.

  • Due to these mistakes of parents, children get addicted to mobile
  • To pacify a crying child, play videos on the mobile and give it.
  • If the child is troubling, engage them in online or offline games.
  • Not giving time to children, which children start using TV, tablets, and mobiles to eliminate boredom.
  • Playing the phone all the time in front of children, watching videos, or being active on social media.
  • Shooting and posting videos of children online, increase the engagement of the child towards mobile, and social media.
  • Do not let children play outside, due to which children stay at home all day and pass time through digital games.

How do get rid of the mobile addiction of children?

Allow gadgets to be used for a limited time

It is very difficult to keep kids completely away from gadgets these days. In this age of online classes, school and friends' WhatsApp groups, and animated classes, if children do not use gadgets, they will be left behind somewhere. But the thing to keep in mind is to allow them to use these gadgets only for a limited time and give them gadgets only for things related to studies, talking to friends, checking group messages of school, or learning new skills.

Motivate you to go outside and play

It is better for the development of children that they go outside and play. While playing outside, he gets exercised while jumping. Apart from this, social skills and language skills also increase by playing with other children.

Engage in creative pursuits

If children are getting bored, then instead of giving them mobiles, put them in some creative work, such as making art, making something from cardboard, making clay toys, coloring in the coloring book, playing indoor games, etc. By doing these creative things, children's brain develops well.

Sit and talk with the kids

If you do not pay attention to the children, then some bad habits will develop in them. Therefore, make sure to take some time out for your children during the day, when you can sit with them and talk comfortably. In this free time, you can ask them about their work done throughout the day, and answer their questions.

Use phone less in front of children

To get rid of the mobile addiction of children, it is necessary that you yourself should use your mobile very less in front of them. Many times when children see you using the phone, they also start asking for the phone. Nowadays many parents are more active on social media even in their free time and pay less attention to children. Therefore, use the phone only when it is necessary in front of children.

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