Is your baby cranky due to skin complaints? Here are some quick solutions that can help you.

IF your child is fussy and irritable, think of these skin problems. This is a must-read post for you if your baby has cropped up with some skin complaints. Read more to learn about some quick fixes for your baby’s skin.

Are you a budding parent? Dealing with a baby or infant is not easy for a new parent. With love and care, it brings about responsibilities towards your baby’s growth. Listening to a baby’s crying due to cropping up of health issues like skin complaints can be difficult to cope up. Spending those sleepless nights trying to resolve your baby’s health issues is quite difficult for the parent as well as the baby. It can be very fussy and irritable for the child. This is a must-read post for you if your baby has cropped up with some skin complaints. Read more to learn about some quick fixes for your baby’s skin. 

Dry scalp and dandruff are common for the newborn

This is common in one to three months of age. 

Symptoms: However, if your baby is experiencing redness, irritation, and itching, you need to be concerned about it. These conditions might appear as greasy patches of skin with yellowish crusts, scaly and flaky skin patches, red moist areas near the fold of skin and ears. 

Location: on the scalp, forehead, or near the ears. 


Moisturize the skin with pure and natural coconut oil. 

Make sure that you brush the scalp well while taking the head bath. 

Shampoo regularly. Use gentle shampoo for better results.

Diaper Rash 

When your baby is born, she is gifted with beautiful skin. It is softer and smoother but everything can toss and turn overnight due to diaper rash which may be very irritating for your child. Having a diaper rash is a normal part of being a baby.

Symptoms: You can limit the rash and prevent the flare-up by taking care of the initial step by making the right choice of diapers for your baby. Ultra sensitive skin, the friction of diapers with the skin, moisture from the stools and urine, all these things can contribute to diaper rash.

Location: The skin of buttocks, legs, and inner thighs 


Change the diapers frequently 

Change the poop diapers right away 

Search out for comfortable diapers that may lead to less friction and a better fit for the baby. 

Wipe and clean well with plain water and keep the skin dry by using non-scented tissues. 

Diaper rash cream to be used as prescribed by your physician or You can use calendula cream which is a natural cream and best for baby's skin. 

Baby Eczema

Have you noticed red itchy patches on the cheeks of your baby? Babies are more prone to eczema because their skin is more fragile than adults leading to dry skin.

Symptoms: To combat the itchiness of eczema, infants will rub their skin on surfaces making it red which creates rashes. 

Location: This is mostly observed on the skin of the cheeks, arms, and legs.



Lukewarm bath 

Using mild soap 

Pat dry skin. Don't rub the skin 

Dry your child in loose cotton and comfy clothes. 

Remember, these quick fixes can help you a great deal if you take care of your baby and help you avoid steroidal creams which can have adverse side effects. Above all, your child needs Tender Love Care (TLC) during its growing years. 

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