Curing cancer in OPD is now possible by Lead Invent Pharma Inc.

10 million people die from cancer every year. By using laser and gel treatment from Lead Invent Pharma Inc., skin and oral cancer can now be cured in an OPD. They also claim to treat skin cancer and oral cancer in a span of 10 minutes.

The managing director of Lead Invent is Pankaj Sharma, a former scientist at IIT Delhi's supercomputing unit for computational biology. He is among the 30 most powerful entrepreneurs, having 20+ years of experience in the creation of new drugs for cancer, neurological illnesses, and infectious diseases.

According to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare "Based on the cancer registry data it is estimated that there will be about 800,000 new cancers cases in India every year. At any given point there is likely to be 3 times this load that about 240,000 cases. Cancer sites associated with tobacco form 35 to 50% of all cancers in men and about 17% of cancers in women."

A privately held biotech business called LeadInvent Technologies is dedicated to finding new anticancer drugs and creating biotech goods that can be sold quickly. Together with a group of researchers from the Department of Chemistry at IIT Delhi's supercomputing center, Pankaj Sharma founded LeadInvent.

“The surgeon is never able to remove the entire tumor but they are able to remove 97% to 98%”says Pankaj Sharma the co-founder of Lead Invent Pharma Inc.

USP of LeadInvent Pharma, Inc.

The laser and gel technology from Lead Invent can kill cancer cells entirely. The gel has nanoparticles that get absorbed by the cancer cells. Using laser light will then burn the tumor away. This product will be very adaptable because it can be administered directly to the tumor and burned away.

Funds will be raised to scale up LeadInvent Pharma Inc.

Initially, drug discovery took a lot of time. 1 million in revenue was generated, which was then used for the development of the drug. The product was further developed and will soon be available to patients with brain cancer thanks to a collaboration between LeadInvent Pharma and the scientific team.

How does the treatment take place?

Intra tumoral injectable gel can be used to get the gel directly to the desired place where the tumor is and then eliminate cancer cells. The gel has a nanoparticle that gets absorbed by the laser scalpel. Furthermore, if we put a laser light into the tumor, it will burn it away. It can kill cancer cells that are resistant to chemotherapy and radiation.

In order to remove or eradicate cancer and aberrant cells that have the potential to become cancer, laser therapy uses an intense, focused beam of light. Different wavelengths (or hues) of light are absorbed by tumor cells more than normal ones. So, by choosing the right laser wavelength, tumor cells can be specifically targeted, which is how cancer will be entirely eliminated.

Here are the benefits of laser and gel treatment.

  • Can be done in OPD
  • Cancer such as skin and oral can be cured in a span of 10 minutes
  • Affordable
  • Kills cancer cells that are resistant to chemotherapy and radiation
  • Reduces and eliminates recurrence of cancer to a very large extent
  • Can be very handy in rural areas as well after the distribution of this product
  • Multiple types of cancer can be cured, like breast, oral, lung, and a specific type of pancreatic cancer can be cured

Massive Real life incident

The loss of his two grandmothers opened Pankaj Sharma's eyes, and therefore, he wants to save as many lives as possible. Pankaj Sharma states that “Where expensive, exquisite infrastructure is not there, the laser and gel treatment can be one of the main protocols. My main motto is to do this for India and ensure that people don't die because of cancer." 

Goals of Lead Invent

Quite early in the next year, the clinical trials for this treatment will actually be tested in Delhi on a batch of 60 cancer patients for the next 24 or 36 months. The treatment for those 60 patients will be absolutely free of cost. The company will then earn its revenue from licensing.

The laser and gel treatments will bring a revolutionary change in the field of cancer treatment because they will make the process much more versatile and effective to a great extent.

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Contributed By: Pankaj Sharma,Co-founder & Managing Director,LeadInvent Pharma Inc.
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