Newndra Innovation’s ‘Jaipur belt’ supports the spine and back, cuts load on back by half

Are you suffering from continuous back pain? And tired of visiting doctors but no significant improvements. Newndra Innovation’s JaipurBelt is the flagship product and a perfect solution to all these kinds of problems. It is easy to wear and use. It reduces strain and pain up to 50-80%. Highly customizable and suitable for every profession.

Ganesh Ram Jangir is the Co-Founder & CEO of Newndra Innovations. Newndra Innovations is a Jaipur-based startup aiming to develop and commercialize products that can create a better impact on society and people. Presently they are building Exo-Skeletons for a great multitude.

The rapidly growing global geriatric population, rising adoption rates of medical devices in different industries such as automobile, military, defense, and construction, and rising incidence of stroke are some of the key driving forces responsible for the growth of the market. Furthermore, the growing incidence rate of Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) is expected to drive the demand across global markets.

Newndra Innovations

Newndra Innovations is India’s first and leading exoskeleton company making the most efficient, affordable, and lightweight exoskeleton for the automobile, construction, logistics, defense, medical, and agriculture sector. It was started in 2014. They have 11 granted patents on the different exoskeletons in India and countries like the USA, China, France, Germany, UK and Russia. They have 7 exoskeletons in their portfolio. 

JaipurBelt is the flagship product of Newndra Innovations. IndoKnee, ArmMax are some of the exoskeletons that they have built and are doing really well in the market. 

The problem of back pain and muscular pain is very prominent in our society. This problem is not just restricted to geriatric age groups, in fact, it is being seen in all ages, widely common in masses. 15% of India’s population has a low bone mineral density with a high prevalence of diabetes, making the problem of back pain far more severe. Currently, the solution to this pain is bed rest, painkiller medicine, and surgeries but these are not adequate. 


Newndra Innovation’s exoskeleton, JaipurBelt is a ray of hope for these kinds of problems. It is an unpowered, lightweight, economical, simple yet most efficient exoskeleton. It is easy to wear and use.

Stress is the main cause of back pain

Ganesh states, “The main cause of lower back pain is stress. And stress increases up to 5 times more when you bend. Wrong postures or a sudden jerk while bending can lead to lower back injuries or muscular injuries.” 

JaipurBelt, the flagship product, acts on the root cause of the problem. It is a kind of support system for the spine and body. It supports the spine and waist by sharing physical workload up to a predefined, variable limit instead of restricting body movements. It minimizes the stress that goes on your lower back by 50-80%.

USP of Jaipur belt

Ganesh expresses, “There is a fundamental difference between Jaipur belt and other similar options available in the market. The JaipurBelt is solving the root cause of the problem.” 

Talking about the technical difference, Ganesh adds, “JaipurBelt is twice efficient, 4x lightweight and 10-20 times more competent than any exoskeleton available in the world. And the mechanism is very compact. We have granted a patent for this across the geography.” 

What led to the start of Newndra Innovations?

Talking about the initial journey of how it was started Ganesh speaks, “When I used to work on my farm, I used to get severe back pain. And the same case was with one of my family members, he used to go to the doctor on a regular basis for his slipped disk. The member was suggested bed rest or surgery by the doctor. But working-class people can’t take bed rest because if so, their earnings will be stopped. That prompted me to explore different solutions to back pain. I found out that there are no adequate solutions to this. I came to know that stress is the main culprit for this problem. So, I started building something that can take care of stress.

JaipurBelt is cost-effective

At the global level, exoskeletons are beyond the reach of the common man. But Newndra Innovations have brought them within the reach of commoners. JaipurBelt is the most cost-competent adjustable belt. It’s foldable, easy to use, and a handy device. JaipurBelt is unisex, adjustable to different ergonomics, and anthropometry, and useful to all users. 

The customer base of Newndra Innovations

Ganesh informs, “We have touched more than thousands of lives. We have served large corporates including the Indian Army and NDRF. We have other customers also like Maruti Suzuki, Bosch, Flipkart etc. We are growing day by day and are happy with our penetration. 

So far, we have raised without any dilution and are still doing good.”

The global exoskeleton market size was valued at USD 257.9 million in 2021 and is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.0% from 2022 to 2030. In terms of volume, the market volume was 8,741 units is projected to expand at a CAGR of 11.0% from 2022 to 2030. 

Expansion plans of Newndra Innovations

The startup is targeting the global market. The startup is trying to cover the niche sector in India first. They are maturing as a market-fit product.

Learnings for entrepreneurs

Ganesh concludes, “Don’t chase perfection. Try to get into the market as early as possible. Learn from your competitors. Don’t forget to be ordinary in the chase to be extraordinary.” 

(Edited by Renu Gupta)


Contributed By: Ganesh Ram Jangir, Co Founder and CEO of Newndra Innovations
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