Jayesh Saini Revolutionizing Healthcare in Africa

Bliss Healthcare is prepared to identify and respond to the health-related needs of the diverse population they serve, thanks to an extraordinary array of resources for the provision of compassionate, cutting-edge care.

Bliss Healthcare, founded in 2012, is an outpatient service provider that offers a full range of healthcare services.  They have collaborated with some of the country's most reputable medical insurance providers and clients, including the Teacher's Service Commission (TSC), the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), and others.

Jayesh Saini, a second-generation Kenyan, founded Bliss Healthcare. He began his career in the medical industry by establishing Nairobi West Hospital with the assistance of his father, a medical professional.Jayesh Saini intends to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare to Kenyans through his extensive network of hospitals and healthcare services..

He has invested a lot of funds into healthcare over the past 20 years.He also owns Medicross Limited, which has ten outpatient facilities outfitted to provide comprehensive, high-quality care..

"A country cannot claim to have a good healthcare system unless its services are easily accessible, reasonably priced, and of acceptable quality."  The three must go together," Mr. Jayesh Saini was quoted on why he decided to open healthcare facilities throughout the country.

There is no point in having affordable services that are 100 kilometers away, access services that are of poor quality, or quality services that are not reachable, in his opinion. The majority of healthcare providers in Kenya were concentrated in urban areas, with many of them charging fees that were out of most people's reach. Even with accessible government facilities, there is a shortage of medicines and diagnostic equipment, which means that most treatments are based on clinical assessment.

"Bliss began its journey with the goal of patient satisfaction and the goal of saving and enriching lives," he said of the journey. We work to improve efficiency, flexibility, and accountability in healthcare. We have created healthcare models that address the health-related needs of a diverse population. The overwhelming public approval of our employees' services has led to our expansion over time."

Jayesh has ensured that the clinics have over 1,100 healthcare professionals working across the facility to serve over 960,000 patients per year. It has an unrivaled collection of equipment spread across the country. This enables Bliss Healthcare to provide standardized healthcare across the country, making it Africa's largest and fastest-growing healthcare provider.

The clinic network of Bliss Healthcare includes all of the services designed to increase access to advanced primary, specialty, and ambulatory care services at an affordable cost. Bliss serves clients from all industries, including TSC, NHIF, insurance companies, and walk-in customers.

Mr. Jayesh Saini expanded into inpatient care in 2017 by establishing two hospitals under LifeCare Hospitals Limited. In keeping with his passion, he is currently establishing six more hospitals, bringing the total bed capacity to 2000.

Mr. Saini quickly pointed out that the majority of Kenyans face a significant challenge in terms of affordability and accessibility to high-quality healthcare. He believes that healthcare is not just for the wealthy and that services should be extended even to the most remote areas, noting that illness is not a choice and can and does affect people from all walks of life. He envisions a future in which all people have access to affordable healthcare, particularly for basic life-saving primary care. That, he believes, is a time-honored idea. Bliss Healthcare is at the forefront, supporting the Government of Kenya's Universal Health Coverage initiative by providing affordable quality services across the country.

Mr. Jayesh Saini has invested in Community Engagement in addition to his primary work in healthcare.  Healthcare routinely conducts free medical camps and health talks all around the country annually.

It was also noteworthy that, shortly after the declaration of the first COVID-19 case in Kenya, Bliss Healthcare continued to cover Teachers (TSC) and their dependents against Coronavirus, in accordance with the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) of Kenya Guidelines.

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