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Fruits are healthy for us but if you are correctly eating them, you will surely get the maximum benefit from them

Consumption of fruits is very important for a good healthy body. We all know the importance of fruits in our daily life. But very few people know that there are rules attached to eating fruits. Here are some correct ways to eat fruits to get the best result.

Fruits should not be consumed just before or after having meals. By doing this you may suffer from digestion or acidity-related problems. Fruits should not be eaten at least half an hour before and at least two hours after having a meal.

Having fruits in the morning as in breakfast is considered to be very good. Although some fruits should be avoided in the morning. Eating citrus fruits like oranges in the morning can cause acidity.

Fruits should not be eaten with milk or curd. Doing so can increase health problems.

Some fruits are harmful to kidney stone patients. Therefore first take complete information, then only eat them. It will be better if you will choose the same fruit of your nature. If you are cold, then don't eat bananas, oranges, and pineapple. And if you have a hot kind of environment, nature then try to avoid mango and papaya kinds of fruits.

Most fruits have a low to medium glycemic index, so they don't lead to a sharp rise in blood sugar. Hence even diabetic people can have some fruits.

Try to consume local, regional, seasonal fruits as much as possible and avoid imported fruits. Seasonal fruits are generally fresh and pure, which is very much beneficial for our health.

Include a variety of fruits in your diet to get maximum antioxidants and nutrients.

Never mix citrus fruits with sweet fruits while eating. Both types of fruits take their respective time to digest. So it will be better not to mix them.

Try to eat raw fruits and not juice them. Juicing lessens the fiber content in fruit and fiber is very much essential for the digestion process. Eating it as a whole gives enough fiber for our body.

Fruits can be eaten as pre and post-workout meals. Bananas are best for this.

Fruits are the best snacks to be taken between any two meals. You can prepare fruit chaat as snacks.

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