Exercise strengthens relationships

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Research has found a strong connect between exercise and social behaviour.

A growing body of research shows that exercise is linked to a wide range of mood-based and social benefits. Typically described as runners’ high, an exercise-induced mood boost is not exclusive to running. Similar good feelings can be experienced in any sustained physical activity, such as yoga, swimming, dancing etc.

Scientists have been long speculating that endorphins are behind the high, but research shows the high is linked to another class of brain chemicals – endocannabinoids. Neuroscientists describe endocannabinoids as the ‘don’t worry be happy’ chemical.

People who are physically active, are more satisfied with their lives. They are found to have strong sense of purpose, feel more gratitude, are more connected to their communities, and are less likely to be lonely or anxious. Because endocannabinoids also increase the pleasure we derive from being around others, the exercise primes us to connect. This makes exercise an excellent way to strengthen relationships.

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