ReVision 2020 Workshop at Vijaya ENT Care Centre Educates Doctors and Students

Over 800 people attended ReVision 2020, including senior and junior ENT doctors, as well as postgraduate students from across the country.

At the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, Vijaya ENT Care Centre held its International Live Revision Otological Surgery Workshop ReVision 2020 to discuss the various revision otological surgeries. The workshop also held a 'Temporal Bone-anza' pre-conference live temporal bone dissection demonstration session.

Prof., Dr. Vijayendra Honnurappa, Otolaryngologist, Vijaya E.N.T Care Center, led the workshop, which focused on this year's theme of "Revision Otology Surgeries." Dr. Sangeetha R, Consultant, Vijaya E.N.T Care Center, Dr. Nilesh Mahajan, Consultant, Vijaya E.N.T Care Center, and Dr. Vinay Vijayendra, Consultant, Vijaya E.N.T Care Center, who was the course director for the Live temporal bone dissection, also participated in the workshop.  Dr. A Mahadevaiah, Otolaryngologist/ENT Specialist, was also honored at the conference for his significant contributions to the field of otology and for mentoring a number of doctors across the country.  The workshop included discussions of many theoretical concepts as well as live surgery demonstrations to educate the delegates.

Prof., Dr. Vijayendra Honnurappa, Otolaryngologist, Vijaya E.N.T Care Center, speaking at the ReVision 2020 workshop, said, "Revision surgeries are always complex and tricky and require far more experience which many of us have acquired after working on numerous cases." Normal anatomical landmarks are frequently lost, and details of previous surgeries may be inaccurate or missing. We taught doctors not only how to deal with the complications of revision surgery through ReVision 2020, but also how to take preventative measures during the primary surgery to avoid recurrences. This will ensure that medical resources are not wasted, and people will not be forced to spend money on multiple recurrent treatments and surgeries in order to be cured of their condition."

The workshop, which had been scheduled for March 2020, had to be postponed due to the COVID pandemic. “COVID-19 was a huge blow to us since we were forced to cancel this big event at the very last moment after all the arrangements had been made. We discussed briefly if we should stick to the same theme this year or choose a new topic entirely. But we all agreed that this is a topic which is vital and cannot be skipped. We also decided to retain the name ReVision 2020, even after 2 years as we wanted to be resilient and finish what we started,” added Prof. Dr. Vijayendra Honnurappa. 

"The success of any good otologist can be attributed to their mastery over the anatomy of the temporal bone," said Dr. Vinay Vijayendra, Consultant, Vijaya E.N.T Care Center, speaking on "Temporal Bone-anza," a live temporal bone dissection.  Every aspiring otologist faces a unique challenge when it comes to the temporal bone, with all of its twists and turns. The demonstration was designed to familiarize delegates, young doctors, and post-graduate students with the intricacies of various ear surgeries, allowing them to lay a strong foundation for becoming excellent ear surgeons in the future."

During the event, Prof. Vijayendra and his team also unveiled a high-quality oto-endoscopic diagnostic color atlas titled "Otology Demystified." "The book contains an archive of over 10,000 images of all the common and rare ear pathologies collected over the past decade," he said, "which will be a great asset for every ENT surgeon and will guide them in their diagnosis."

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