Does your child gets scared when left alone at home? Learn how to save him from separation anxiety disorder

If your baby does not want to be apart from you for a while or when he starts crying at the time of separation, then it may be a separation anxiety disorder. Let us check the details

Does your baby cry when you go out somewhere or leave the child for some work? The child may cry and throw tantrums when you are away in such cases. The baby may also get scared and weeps in the same way even on going to school etc. This occurs because, the child feels safe with you and when you send them away from you, their behavior is also justified. But how long will this condition last? This situation has to be resolved at some point or the other. If you are also troubled by the separation anxiety disorder of the child, then you can follow these tips.

How to cure separation anxiety disorder?

Make children practice this distance

You can  leave the child with a relative or a caregiver for a long time. This will allow your baby to stay away from you and gradually when you drop him somewhere, he will not suffer from anxiety. By doing this, going to your office or traveling will be very easy. Keep practicing this regularly with the child.

Teach your baby to be alone even after being napped and fed

A child feels the most anxiety when he is hungry or in the mood to sleep. So if he is feeling anxious about being separated from you, feed him once and then put him to sleep. After that, he will feel very relaxed.

Keep promises

If you leave early in the morning with some kind of promise, then after coming, those promises should also be fulfilled. So that the child will believe in you and let them know you next time also in the hope that you will be back soon. After coming, they will bring a toy or some food items for them.

Assure them

Assure the child that you will be back in the house soon and that you will also bring food and drink for them after coming. Even when he has this belief, he will feel less anxious. Don't turn it into a big deal by putting them on your chest or emotionalizing them

Don't show them scary things

If you watch TV, the child will see all that stuff as well. Do not do this if you see an emotional drama or anything that involves the crying of the baby. This can have a great impact on the child. Seeing this, even a child can pretend to cry.

If you follow all these tips while sending the baby away or while going somewhere yourself, then the baby will cry initially, but after that, it will all become quite normal for him. Then he will not be affected much by these things.

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