Simple home remedies to reduce puffy eyes

A watery eye is a condition in which tears are produced without any reason and are not completely flushed out. Most of the time, it can be resolved with home remedies.

It is said that when the mind is sad, it is normal to have tears from the eyes, but if water comes from the eyes after using TV, phone, laptop, then it can also be due to weakness or lack of eyesight. If water or tears come out of your eyes without any reason, then it should not be ignored. In this condition, tears are produced from the eyes without any reason and are not able to come out completely.

Drape with a cold or warm cloth

Blockage of tear ducts is the main cause of watery eyes. Pressing with a cold or warm cloth removes this layer from the eyes, due to which the toxic substances also come out and the redness and irritation of the eyes are cured.


Like pressing with a cold or hot cloth, tea bags are also a good home remedy.  When it becomes hot, keep it on the eyes. Chamomile, peppermint, and spearmint are effective for treating watery eyes.

Baking soda

You can make a mixture for this at home. Wash eyes with this 2-3 times or as much as necessary.

Salt and water solution

Watery eyes cause burning and itching. In such a situation, you can treat by making a solution of salt and water at home. Salt being an anti-bacterial, flushes out the toxic bacteria from the eyes. Apply it several times a day for 3 days.

If any dust has gone

If you feel that any foreign material or dust, the soil has got into the eyes, then you can clean it with a wet cloth. Clean the tears with a wet cloth instead of hands as there are many bacteria in the hands.

Coconut oil

We all know that coconut oil is a good moisturizer. Rubbing it around the eyes will give relief.

Remedies to avoid the problem of watery eyes

-Take a balanced diet for good eye health

- Protect your eyes from sunlight and irritation,

- Do not touch the eyes again and again if there is itching in the eye,

- Instead of dust and soil, put glasses on the eyes,

- Use caution or avoid exposure to allergenic substances,

-Do not share eye makeup products with anyone.

-Contact the doctor if there is excessive watering from the eyes.

Diet for eye health

If you want healthy eyes, then include leafy and green vegetables, fresh fruits, fish, dry fruits, and walnuts in your diet for this. Omega-3 fatty acids are present in fish and walnuts. Dry macular disease due to its consumption 

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