Stages of Sound Sleep

Talking about good sleep, there are many stages to it, but have you ever thought about what your body is doing when you are in sleep. No. So today we will tell you about the activities of the brain during your sleep.

As much as a good diet and lifestyle are necessary to stay healthy, equally important is your sleep. Whatever work you have and lack of time, even then you should take enough time to complete your sleep. This is because lack of sleep first affects your mental health and then gradually starts spoiling your physical health as well. 

The effect of lack of sleep is so bad that the functioning of many parts of your body can be disturbed, so good sleep is very important. 

A sound sleep

Sleeping in deep sleep is beneficial for the body in many ways. When you are in deep sleep, the body repairs your muscles. At the same time, the bones get rest and this leads to their healthy development. Also, if you get a better sleep, your hormones will be better managed and you will feel that your mood swings are reduced. People who sleep well have a good memory. He is able to sort his memories and is seen active in the morning.

5 Stages of Sleep

There are five stages of sleep, including both REM and non-REM sleep, that we cycle through each night. All these activities are happening in our brain and we are in sleep so we do not know anything. So let's know about the different stages of sleep.

Stage 1: The initial stage of sleep

This stage of non-REM sleep occurs when you begin to fall asleep and typically lasts only a few minutes. This is the initial process. During this phase:

  • Heartbeat and breathing slow down
  • Muscles begin to relax.
  • You produce alpha and theta brain waves

Phase 2: About 25 Minutes After the Beginning

This is the next stage of non-REM sleep. This is a period of light sleep, that is, the immediate phase after the onset of sleep. This sleep before you enter deep sleep and it lasts for about 25 minutes. During this phase:

  • The heartbeat becomes slower.
  • There is no eye movement
  • Body temperature drops.
  • Brain waves propagate up and down, creating a "sleep spindle"

Stages 3 and 4: Beginning of deep sleep

These final stages of non-REM sleep are the stages of deepest sleep. Stages three and four are known as slow sleep, or delta sleep. Your body performs several important health-promoting functions in these final non-REM phases. During these phases:

  • Sleep is aroused.
  • Heartbeat and breathing are slowest.
  • Any eye movement becomes quiet.
  • The body is completely at rest.
  • Delta brain waves become present.
  • The immune system is strengthened

Stage 5: REM sleep, the dreaming stage

This is the last part of the sleep phase. The rapid eye movement phase lasts about 90 minutes and is the primary dreaming phase of sleep when you fall asleep. REM sleep lasts about 10 minutes at first, increasing with each REM cycle. The final cycle of REM sleep usually lasts about 60 minutes. During this phase:

  • The speed of the eyes becomes faster
  • Increases breathing and heart rate
  • The limb muscles temporarily relax
  • The brain activity is markedly increased
  • Dream and start saving your memories
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