Steps to prevent advanced and complicated Prostate Cancer

Dr.M.Gopichand gives insights for timely treatment with early detection to prevent complications and advanced stages of cancer. He further gives hope and assurance to those suffering from advanced stages of cancer with the correct line of treatment to achieve a good quality of life for future years.

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Dr.M.Gopichand  is an experienced urologist based in Hyderabad who believes in professional, advanced, evidence-based medical and operative management of all adult and pediatric urologic conditions in a compassionate and patient-centered approach. He currently serves as consultant, urologist, and urological cancer specialist, KIMS Hospital, Secunderabad.  He has experience in the latest minimally invasive robotic, laser stone & prostate, and laparoscopic surgical procedures. Our goal is to provide care and education for our patient’s illnesses including stone disease, prostate diseases, urological cancers, pediatric urology diseases, impotence, & infertility, and female urology.

Prevention of prostate cancer 

Dr. Gopichand says, “Prostate cancer is seen in males. The prostate gland is present only in males. It is an age-related problem seen in 60+ age group people. The main risk factor of prostate cancer is age. The older the male patient, the higher chances are present of prostate cancer. There are no foods or preventative measures for prostate cancer. There is scientific evidence that says that there are 30% chances of prostate cancer in 80 years of age"

 Advanced prostate cancer can be prevented with early diagnosis and treatment. Prostate cancer complications and difficulties can be prevented. Prevention of prostate cancer cannot be possible with any diet or certain medications. However, genetic development is taking place where certain changes can be made in the future to prevent cancer. It is a western disease and there is a lot of research going on. There is genetic and immunotherapy-related research going on to prevent this cancer. It is important to prevent advanced cancer. Early stages can be treated. Early detection and timely treatment can help in treating prostate cancer. ”

Different stages of prostate cancer

Dr. Gopichand states, “ There are no symptoms on the 1st and 2nd stage of prostate cancer. There are pathological benign changes with no symptoms. However, stage 3 symptoms are visible like urinary problems, bone pain, loss of appetite, and generalized symptoms. 

 Early-stage diagnosis can be done by visiting the doctor with a regular health check-up. It is easily diagnosed with digital rectal examination and PSA blood test along with ultrasonography can help. In western countries, there is the availability of screening in the elderly population. Early PSA is the right sign for early diagnosis of prostate cancer. ”

Symptoms of prostate cancer in men

Dr. Gopichand informs, “ There are no visible symptoms in the early stage of prostate cancer. The symptoms of prostate cancer in men are- 

Family history and genetics  Consult urologist  PSA blood test  Awareness in the elderly age group

The control and treatment in the 3rd and 4th stage of the prostate is difficult.”

 Spread of Prostate cancer

Dr. Gopichand informs, “Patients with stage 4 cancer and high PSA above 20 have many complications. Cancer can spread in - Bladder, lymph nodes, rectum, liver, and bones as well. There is treatment available for such complicated prostate cancer like hormonal treatment and surgery. Timely treatment can help in improving the quality of life for 4 - 5 years. “

(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)

Contributed by Dr. M. Gopichand, Consultant Urologist, & Urological Cancer Specialist, KIMS Hospital, Secunderabad


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