Top 7 Green coffee benefits

People often imagine something miraculous to lose weight, while the right diet plan and exercise are the most important things to lose weight. By following these two main rules, it is easy to lose weight fast by drinking Green Coffee or any other thing.

Is green coffee similar to normal coffee?

Normal seeds of coffee are used to make it. If coffee seeds are not roasted, then those seeds are green in color. Green coffee is prepared from these seeds.

Green coffee components and elements 

Coffee seeds contain chlorogenic acid, which is destroyed by roasting coffee seeds. Scientists believe that this element is present in Green Coffee and it is very good for health.

Benefits of Green Coffee 

1) Drinking green coffee reduces appetite. Green coffee cleanses the liver, reduces non-essential cholesterol and sugar levels.

2) Nowadays people are using Green Coffee the most for weight loss. It is believed that drinking green coffee reduces obesity.

3) As the taste of green tea is not like milk tea, similarly the taste of green coffee is also not like normal coffee. The taste of green coffee is very mild. 

4) Green coffee rich in antioxidant properties accelerates the process of metabolism of our body. Medical science says that if a person's metabolic process is fast, then digestion takes place properly and unnecessary fat does not accumulate in the body.

Therefore, drinking green coffee does not increase weight and at the same time the accumulated fat also starts decreasing. The energy level also remains constant due to the fast metabolism.

6) Green coffee has the effect of reducing the effects of aging, reducing high blood pressure, Alzheimer's, diabetes and increasing the body's immunity.

7) Thyroid patients can drink green coffee. Green does not significantly affect the work of the thyroid gland. Although the amount of caffeine in green coffee is only less, yet green coffee should not be drunk too much.

When should you drink green coffee? 

Green coffee should be drunk 1 hour before meals or 1 hour after meals.

Do not drink Green Coffee with meals as it will cause problems in absorbing the nutrition of the food. This means drinking green coffee in the time left between your main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Q: How many times a day should one drink green coffee 

Ans: Do not drink more than 3 cups of green coffee in a day.

Q:How To Make Green Coffee

The way to make green coffee is very easy. Like green tea, green coffee is also made.

1) Mix one teaspoon of Green Coffee Powder in warm water. Green coffee is ready. This is the best way. If desired, add some ginger and cinnamon powder, the taste and smell will increase.

2) Do not add sugar to this coffee at all because sugar is pure calories, it is of no use. If you want to taste, you can add a little honey and cinnamon powder. Consuming honey and cinnamon powder is a well-known formula for weight loss.

Disadvantages of drinking more green coffee 

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages and too much of anything is not good. Therefore, keep in mind that you should not drink too much green coffee. Excessive drinking can cause problems like restlessness, nervousness, upset stomach.

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