Ways to Healthy and happy sleep

If the right dosage of sleep keeps the body fit, then less dosage can spoil the health. As a result, diabetes, obesity, and other health disorders can make a home in your body. The special thing is that most sleep disorders are the result of mental problems.

Effect of sleep disorder

Health disorders affect sleep on a very large level, but if we talk about the initial effects, then dark circles are first formed under the eyes. Then there is a decrease in concentration, then the ability to make decisions also decreases. Apart from this, being tired is also a sign of lack of sleep. The lack of sleep for a long time also results in diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. Being extremely constipated is also the result of its effect. Memory is also weak due to sleep disorders. 60 percent of sleep disorders are due to anxiety disorders. Anxiety means a variety of worries.

If there is a sleep disorder, then its symptoms come in many ways, such as falling asleep long after going to bed, tremors of sleep during the day, frequent sleep breaks, getting up frequently at night, snoring, nights. soreness of legs, talking in sleep, walking, movements, etc.

Sleep and anxiety 

Anxiety is the biggest reason for this. Apart from this, thinking about trouble and mental insecurities become a big reason for breaking up with sleep.

There are other reasons

Eating late. loneliness. Starving for 0 hours. Internet, TV excessive use. Excessive consumption of tea and coffee. Having an addiction to alcohol, cigarettes.

Relief measures

Write on paper: Before going to sleep, write down your worries on paper. Write its solution also. Also, write how to solve it tomorrow.

Take medicine three hours before bedtime: There are many medicines that make you sleepy after eating. Some anti-allergic drugs specifically do this. Therefore, try to eat the pre-bedtime dose about three hours before bedtime, so that it does not affect sleep.

Say no to sweets before going to sleep: Eat food at least two hours before bedtime. Avoid eating sweets just before bedtime.

Concentrate on white canvas: Put a poster with Om written in your sleeping room. Now focus on this from 15 minutes before sleeping. Apart from this, meditation can also be done on white or light blue canvas. This will make the mind calm and sleep will come.

circadian rhythm sleep disorder

Waking up at bedtime and sleeping at the time of waking becomes a habit of the person suffering from it. This often happens in long route vehicle drivers, truck drivers, aviators, night shift nurses, BPO workers. The effect is known when, even after not being at work, these people are unable to sleep at bedtime.

Delayed sleep phase syndrome

In this, a person gets used to getting up late for a few hours. Gradually the body keeps on moving accordingly. To solve this problem, you can fix your bedtime, avoid sleeping during the day and avoid the addiction of watching TV.

Sleep apnea

People suffering from sleep apnea feel difficulty in breathing while sleeping and because of this they are unable to sleep. Sometimes the reason for this is also increased throat dryness.


Insomnia is considered when the problem of sleeplessness lasts for a long time. The trouble can last for two to three weeks or as long as months.


Hypersomnia is the opposite of insomnia. Such people fall asleep after a short time. 

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