Why is cholesterol harmful to the body?

Cholesterol is harmful to the body and welcomes all heart and liver issues which can be difficult to deal with. Let us learn more about cholesterol.

Fats and oils are strict “NO-NO” for a healthy body. We are all aware of this. This is especially known to people who are eager to lose weight and turn healthy. But, did you know even if you have a great physique, there are chances of high cholesterol too in your body? Today, in this blog, we are going to tell you all you need to know more about cholesterol and its related facts which can be an eye opener for you. After reading this blog, you will actually know the importance of maintaining your cholesterol levels lower. 

How do I know that I have high cholesterol?

“How do I know that I have high cholesterol?” This question keeps ticking in many people’s minds. Well, knowing and awareness of high cholesterol will help you treat cholesterol for better health. The simple way to check for high cholesterol is LIPID PROFILE. This is an important fact. A routine check is a must for obese people with high BMI (Body Mass Index). If your BMI is higher than 25, it is important to check for your high cholesterol through a LIPID PROFILE TEST. 

What is the Lipid Profile Test?

A lipid profile test is a diagnostic test to check the levels of healthy fats in the body. This may include the following- 

  • Total Cholesterol 
  • Triglyceride test 
  • HDL levels - High-Density Lipoproteins (bad cholesterol)
  • LDL levels - Low-Density Lipoprotein (Good cholesterol 
  • VLDL levels - Very Low-Density Lipoproteins 
  • HDL/ LDL Ratio

Quite interesting!!! We say fats are bad for your health. But there are some healthy fats which are termed LDL which are very essential for the nervous system of the body. 

When does cholesterol turn high?

When cholesterol levels turn above the desirable level of 200 mg/dl, it is known as high cholesterol. Long-term exposure to high cholesterol levels may cause cholesterol deposits, which may block the heart and cause atherosclerosis. This may cause complications of the heart which can lead to - 

  • Heart stroke 
  • High BP 
  • Clot of arteries 
  • Heart attack 
  • Chest pain 
  • Angina

How do I know that I have high cholesterol without a test?

Well, the best solution to know about high cholesterol without testing is through the following- 

  • Belly fat 
  • Obese 
  • Having too much fried and fatty food 
  • Consuming outside junk food 
  • Checking for body weight 

Belly fat is a very important diagnosis of high cholesterol levels. It is important to keep it under check. If you have belly fat, it is important to reduce it which will help control cholesterol levels. 

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