Why is the Omicron variant dangerous?

Let's know about the Omicron variant of Corona which is creating havoc these days. Keep yourself updated with news about the Omicron variant of Corona at Medicircle

Experts also say that this virus is 6 times more contagious than the delta variant. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has also said that everyone should be alert about the virus. You will remember that at the time of Corona's second death, the Delta variant itself created a lot of trouble and the situation became serious everywhere. 

 Corona Omicron Cases In India:

The Omicron variant of Corona has been entered in India as well. The first cases of Omicron have come out in Karnataka and they are not serious yet. But everyone is scared after hearing about these cases and now thinking about what will happen next. The Center and Karnataka have confirmed these cases and what happens next will be known soon.

Corona Omicron Cases In India:

8 Important things to know about Omicron Cases in India

The arrival of this variant in India has made everyone alert because everyone knew that the variant could come in India but did not think about it coming so soon.
The people who have got Omicron in Karnataka, these two men are above 40 years old.
The age of one is 66 and that of the other is 46. Health Ministry's Joint Secretary Luv Aggarwal has said that the identities of these people are not being revealed yet.
Those who have come in contact with these people are still being traced and test samples are being taken.
Health Ministry's Joint Secretary Luv Agarwal has also said that no one should take tension and both the cases are not serious and the symptoms are also normal.
In many countries, new guidelines have been issued by the government. This variant is at risk in the UK and across Europe. Apart from this, caution is needed in Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Zimbabwe, Israel, Hong Kong and Singapore.
The first case of Omicron has been reported in the United States. This case has come out in California, United States. 

WHO's Opinion on Omicron

Expressing concern about the Omicron of Corona, the World Health Organization has put it in the category of Concern Variant ie Variant of Concern (VOC). The World Health Organization warned that, due to the changes in Omicron, the possibility of increasing the risk of its infection is very high. Because it is a very fast and highly mutating variant.

Although it is normal for the virus to mutate over time, the situation becomes worrisome when it spreads rapidly and is out of the effect of vaccination. For your information, let us tell you that the World Health Organization first got information about Omicron from South Africa on 24 November.

Corona's Third Wave Omicron

Some health experts believe that the Omicron variant can cause the third wave of the corona. However, this dangerous variant is yet to be fully studied. According to experts, this worrying variant of Kovid spreads 6 times faster than Delta. Even the spread of its infection is very rapid. 

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