Winter care tips for elderly group

The elderly and children are the two most vulnerable groups to health problems when the season changes or temperature drops. Here are a few tips for the elderly that will help them stay healthy and safe this winter.

The elderly and children are the vulnerable groups to health problems when the season changes or temperature drops. This is because their immune system is weak and they are more prone to illnesses. With cold weather, our body undergoes thermoregulation to adjust to the new climate. By taking little precautionary measures, even this group of people can enjoy the seasonal change. Here are a few tips for the elderly that will help them stay healthy and safe this winter.

Stay warm – As they are more prone to weather-related health problems like hypothermia when the temperature dips, older people should wear warm clothes. They should cover up their full body with gloves, socks, scarves, a woolen hat, and/or anything that keeps their body warm & comfortable. Elderly people with weak immune systems or co-morbidities are more susceptible to illness. 

Stay hydrated – Naturally in winter, we drink less water as we feel less thirsty. But water is essential to perform various physiologic activities like cleaning up the system, carrying nutrients to the body cells, and helping maintain the body’s fluid balance. So, ensure that they drink sufficient water. Keep the rooms warm and humid. It will be better if they drink lukewarm water.

Stay active – During winter, we all want to stay longer in our cozy blankets and many of us miss out on our gym routine too. But taking out some time to do physical exercise will help increase heart rate, regulate blood flow and eliminate winter depression, lethargy, stiffness, and pain. Physical activity also makes you sweat, removes toxins, and keeps your skin healthy. In addition to this, doing yoga and meditation will help improve immunity against seasonal illnesses such as flu and colds.

Healthy eating – Nutrient-rich foods like whole grains, lean meats, fish, poultry, legumes, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices, and fresh fruits and vegetables are essential to boost the immune system. Vitamin C-rich food will help strengthen your immune system. Taking a balanced meal will ensure all essential nutrients are consumed in their respective quantity.

Taking care of the skin – Winter causes dry and itchy skin, chapped lips, and cracked heels. For this Winter skincare routine must be followed. It includes moisturizing, night creams, and increasing water intake. Remember to apply sunscreen before going out. 

Vitamin D is important for regulating mood and maintaining good health and immunity. In winter, we can enjoy the warm sun without any discomfort. Just apply sunscreen before going out to take natural vitamin D. 

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