2 Best Comforting Foods For Sick Days

Are you feeling sick and need to re boost your energy levels?Well, it's time to switch to comforting foods. Here are some of the best comforting foods which you must try especially on sick days.

We all love comforting meals as it gives us happy feelings. When you are sick, you crave for rest to de-stress yourself and revitalize your energy levels. There are many days when you may feel unwell or sick. After all, we are human and we have some bad days as well, especially the Monday Blues! 

So, if you are feeling lazy, tired, depressed and unmotivated, you are on the right page with us. We are going to provide you with some happy and exciting comforting foods which are going to change your mood right away. Let us get started to cheer and pep you up by relishing your taste buds that make you happy. 

What are Comfort Foods?

I am sure you are thinking of your favorite food like pizzas, pastas, or maybe some sweet treat. Hold On! It's time to go healthy when you are sick to help revive your immunity levels. So, before you hop, skip and jump to get hold of delicious foods, it is important to choose health first. 

Comfort foods are a perfect blend of science and emotions which help build up your immune system and boost your mental power as well to make you feel good. 

Types of Comfort Foods

There are two types of Comfort Foods which are as follows- 

  • Foods that affect your brain chemistry and psychology 
  • Foods that affect your immune system 

Comforting foods are not just emotional anchors but also nutritious in nature. They are especially consumed when you are unwell. 

Best Comforting Foods 


This lentil and rice meal is one of the best comforting foods especially when your immune system is weak and you are suffering from an infection. This brings an instant upsurge of energy. A hot piping khichdi is the best way to beat respiratory and gastric issues. Well, that's not all. This simple dish has many childhood memories for every Indian household. Enriched with protein from lentils and serotonin from rice, it is best comforting food to relax and de-stress you to create a serene mood. 

Turmeric Milk 

Holding a strong traditional value, turmeric milk is one of the best comforting foods with high nutritional, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory content. A warm glass of milk will help boost neuro-chemicals like dopamine and serotonin to make you feel happier. And let us not forget the essence of golden spice- Turmeric which has a natural ingredient called curcumin which helps boost immunity. This is one of the perfect comforting foods. Just add some saffron and enjoy the delicious turmeric milk. 

Both khichadi and turmeric milk are easily available in your kitchen cabinet in every Indian home. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the delicious comforting food this winter to enjoy some relishing meal today for better recovery from any ailment!!

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