5 Benefits of Litchi

Hailing from China, litchi is an incredibly healthy fruit that can provide you with tremendous benefits. Read to find out more.

Hailing from China, Litchi is an extremely sweet and healthy fruit. Litchi was an integral part of ancient China. It was present in this country from 2000BC. Earlier, Chinese people used to turn litchi into jams, salads and candies to increase their shelf-life. It was even used as medicine. Later, India got the gift of Litchi and the taste and benefits of litchi made it popular amongst Indians. So much so that today, India is the biggest cultivator of litchi. 

Here are five benefits of having this delicious fruit. 

Increases Red Blood Cells

Litchi has the capacity of increasing our red blood cells (RBC). Iron, copper, magnesium, manganese and other essential minerals are present in litchi which can help double your RBC count. 

Weight Loss

Instead of relying on sugary snacks, one can take care of their sugar cravings by having litchi. It can help reduce your weight as it contains fewer calories and is mostly water content. The B-complex and fibre present in litchi can also help speed up your metabolism. 

Coffee Alternative

If one needs a cup of coffee to start their day then it is recommended to take any other alternative. Coffee contains a lot of caffeine that can dehydrate the body quickly. By using which one can get the same energy level along with other added health benefits. 

Reduces the risk of major diseases

This tiny fruit contains large health benefits. Research notes that regular consumption of this fruit can help you lower the risk of many chronic diseases. Diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, obesity and dementia can be avoided. 

Better Skin and Hair

Litchi has many anti-oxidant properties that can fight free radicals. This will give you a healthy and radiant glow and decrease early signs of ageing. Litch also helps your hair gain shine and length. 

Litchi can be consumed as a fruit or can be turned into jams and juice for consumption. Eating seeds of fruits is usually recommended. but not for litchi, as the litchi seed can cause indigestion to many.

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