5 Most Common Sleep Disorders

Did you know that lack of sleep can majorly affect your health? Today, we are going to list about 5 Most Common Sleep Disorders and Solutions for them.

Having trouble sleeping is commonly reported around the globe. This has been especially on high-rise posts covid. Let us check out some common sleep disorders and how to deal with them. 

Research on sleep disorders

According to the American Sleep Association (AMA), sleep disorders currently affect as many as 50-70 million people worldwide. Among all the sleep disorders, insomnia is the most common sleep disorder. 

Not getting proper quality sleep for days can be considered as dangerous. AMA reports that carrying out activities like driving with drowsiness is responsible for 1550 deaths and 4000 injuries per year around the world. 

In this article, we shall give you a sneak peek into the 5 most common sleep disorders and the best solution to them. 

5 Most Common Sleep Disorders

The 5 most common sleep disorders are as follows- 

  • Insomnia 

Insomnia is characterized by being unable to sleep when you are tired. This may make you feel exhausted when you wake up due to disturbed sleep. Insomnia can be treated with medications as well as with nonmedical methods such as cognitive behavior therapy and lifestyle changes. 

  • Sleep Apnea 

Sleep apnea is characterized by heavy snoring and waking up at night gasping or choking for breath. It leads to breathing problems and breathlessness episodes at night. It can be treated in a variety of ways including CPAP therapy, weight loss, surgery, positional therapy, and by wearing an oral or dental appliance. 

  • Narcolepsy 

Narcolepsy is characterized by falling asleep suddenly no matter where you are. It is treated with medication and scheduled naps. 

  • Restless Leg Syndrome 

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is characterized by an uncontrollable urge to move your limbs (legs) constantly while you are resting at night. Medications and behavioral therapy can help. 

  • REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder

REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder can be dangerous. This happens when you live in your dreams out at night and can talk, shout or kick during your dreaming phase. You may hurt yourself, your sleeping partner, or someone else in the house. This should be diagnosed and treated without delay. 

It is crucial to seek professional help if you are experiencing sleep issues and feel that you are suffering from above-mentioned disorders. 

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