8 Possible reasons why you are getting periods twice a month

Getting periods twice a month or sometimes twice in 20 days is getting common. If you have ever gotten ever and wanted to know why here are some possible reasons

No matter how much we hate our periods but even a delay of a single day or before time puts us at stress. Getting periods twice a month or sometimes twice in 20 days is getting common these days and happens to all of us at some point of time. Periods are related to hormones and sometimes they mess up. Many times, early periods are because of hormonal disturbances and sometimes due to underlying problems. There are these 10 possible reasons why a woman gets periods twice a month.

Pregnancy - This is contradictory but sometimes, it is due to pregnancy. Intermittent bleeding is highly common during pregnancy. If you are in reproductive age and planning to conceive, you can get a test done. 

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS – If you are getting periods twice a month, there are high chances that you might have PCOS. This condition causes hormonal imbalance in the body which can further cause period irregularity. 

Improper functioning of the thyroid gland - The thyroid hormone is one of the important hormones in the body. Its imbalance can also trigger multiple periods in a month. You must get your thyroid checked annually.

Premenopause stage- As a woman reaches menopausal age, irregularity in periods is often seen. Sometimes, they may not bleed for 3-4 months whereas sometimes they menstruate twice a month. If you are approaching menopause, it’s better to get it checked. 

You might have overexercised your body – Overexercising can be harmful to our body. When you exercise more, beyond your capacity, the body retaliates. Crash dieting and vigorous exercising are harmful to your body including reproductive health. Giving proper rest to the body is necessary.

Stress - Stress largely affects your health. Stress can trigger minor to major health issues like mental health issues, hormonal imbalance. Most working women lead a stressed-out life. Women with a hectic schedule and poor lifestyle are likely to suffer from irregular menstrual cycles. Stress can be due to biopsychosocial causes. 

Underlying infection – Sometimes bleeding from the vagina is not period. The bleeding could be due to an internal infection or vaginal bleeding or precancerous growth. Women can consult Gynec for further tests and clarity.

Travel history - If you have a recent travel history, that is also a possible reason. Change in weather, environment, water, food, etc. also affects hormones. 

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