All you need to know about Body Awareness

Taking care of the body is very important to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Body Awareness is very essential post-pandemic to keep infections at bay. Get started with a regime to know your body better !!!

Keeping in mind the recent situation, nowadays every person is seen working in front of his computer for hours. Sitting continuously for hours and lack of physical activity proves to be very harmful to your body. This is the reason that many times people suddenly feel the balance of the body deteriorating when they stand up. Due to this work sitting for hours, lack of body awareness is seen in people. 

What is body awareness? 

What is body awareness, this question must have first come to your mind at the beginning of this article? Actually, body awareness is called that, in which you remain completely connected with your body and are aware of it. This condition is also called kinesthesia. 

In this condition, the person becomes aware of the position of his whole body, even different body parts such as muscles, joints, and body. The proprioceptive system comes under body awareness, in which you become aware of the muscles of your body. You keep the full attention to which of your muscles are moving. With this, you connect with your internal organs and become aware of the vestibular system of your body.

The vestibular system is the one in which you can control your body's balance, posture and stability of your head. If you often feel dysgeusia, it means that your vestibular system is being affected. Body awareness also includes the awareness of your hunger, thirst, fatigue, etc. You can use different types of workouts to maintain body awareness. Which improves the functioning of your body and you can have better control over your body. Let us know what are the benefits of body awareness.

Benefits of Body Awareness

When a person tries to improve body awareness, his physical and emotional health improves. Body awareness not only gives you better control over your body but also strengthens the functioning of your body. You can get these benefits from body awareness.

Balance and stability

Body awareness helps to balance your body better and it creates a better connection between mind and body. By which you can understand what your body and mind need at what time. It is considered better for your daily work.

Weight management

Body awareness can also help you control your weight. People who have less body awareness, they eat more food than necessary. Because of which their obesity keeps on increasing over time. So if you want to control obesity, then you should be aware of body awareness.

Pain Management

If your body is often in pain, then you need a lot of body awareness. With body awareness, you can get rid of the pain in your body. It is said that people who ignore the sensations in the body often have problems with lack of self-esteem, lack of physical contact, depressive symptoms, etc. People who focus on body awareness establish a deep connection between their body and mind and this helps in pain management.

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