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▴ Contraception and Family Planning
Dr. Kumar Kamble gives insights into contraception and the need for family planning which must be taken into consideration depending on the needs of the couple. Consulting a doctor is very important if you need to choose the best option for contraception. A must watch and must-read episode of Bindas bol for every couple looking for family planning.

Family planning is very important in India and it is promoted by the Government of India too. From 1965- 2009, the use of contraception increased. The national fertility rate is high in India and long-term population growth is quieter concerning India. India is the second-most populous country and every 20 days India adds around 10 lakh people to its population. At the end of the 21st century, 2 billion of the population are set towards family planning which is very important. 

In 2016, the fertility rate is 2.30% and 15.6 million abortions were there. In India, women are not educated about contraception methods. 

In 2005- 2006, there were only 15.6% female contraceptive users with any informed alternatives, choices, and options. The use of contraceptives is increasing in India. In 2009, the percentage of women in India using contraceptives increased to 47 %. The Ministry of Family Health and Welfare is focused on the implementation of family planning. 

In 2017, the ministry of family welfare started with an initiative called “Mission Parivar Vikas”  The main objective of this mission was high-quality family planning services. 

Every Thursday, we at Medicircle organize a special series called Bindass Bol with Dr. Kumar Kamble. We have organized special series with Dr. Kumar Kamble in the awareness series where we are dealing with Contraception and Family planning.

Dr. Kumar Kamble is not only a professional sexologist but also a de-addiction specialist. Dr. Kamble has special expertise and experience of working with King Edward Memorial Hospital in the Deaddiction Center for 4 years.

Importance of Family planning in India 

Dr. Kumar Kamble says, “One should know and understand the importance of family planning. It is important to know when to start family planning. The second part is how many children we need and when to initiate family planning. It is important to understand as a unit, family, and couple what is family planning. We should be aware of the new family members who are going to join as children in society depending on the time we can dedicate to them. We should be aware of family planning and its resources. We should take care of our family with the use of resources like government amenities and housing. The ever-increasing population should be taken care of for better government services and its availability. You have a responsibility as an individual towards society and your partner. Family planning is important for society as well as the country. Family planning may be done by a couple but its impact on the nation is very important.”

Involvement of males in Family Planning 

Dr. Kamble informs,” Family planning is very important from a male’s point of view too. They should be aware of family planning techniques like a vasectomy. Males in our society must be aware of family planning methods. Having sexual desire after vasectomy is very normal and equates to the five senses of the body. This desire starts in the brain and spreads through the spinal cord and reaches the sexual organs. If a vasectomy is done, it does not affect the sexual desire. And they should be aware of it. This education is important for every male for family planning. This will increase the participation of family planning from the male counterpart in the society.”

Choose the best control contraception 

Dr. Kamble informs, “It is important to know the need for birth control contraception. They can be of various kinds and you can choose the best option based on the need - 

Unprotected sex- Emergency contraception pill  Married couples for long term contraception

The need for contraception depends on the situation.”

Risk and side effects of contraception 

Dr. Kamble says, “There are various kinds of contraceptives - 

Barrier contraceptives which create the physical buried like cervical caps  Hormone based contraceptives - Avoiding ovulation in females or avoiding fertilization  Physical contraception like copper-T which avoids pregnancy 

The side effects are based on the type of contraception used which are as follows- 

Hormonal side effect  Hypertension  Weight gain  Cancer problems  Pain in abdomen  Increased painful menstruation 

Kindly consult a doctor before using any contraceptives.”

Hormonal v/s Non-Hormonal Contraceptive 

Dr. Kumar Kamble says, “The need for contraception depends on the situation. 

Hormonal contraceptive- In hormonal contraceptives, there is avoidance of ovulation. But, there are many side effects. Also, you have to take care not to miss medicine. 

Long-acting hormones- in the form of an injection that acts for a long time. 

Non-Hormonal contraceptives like physical barriers like copper T and condoms. The failure rate is high in such cases 

Consult your doctor before choosing contraception.”

Factors while choosing contraceptives  

Dr. Kumar Kamble states, “The need for family planning and contraception should be discussed with the doctor. You should be aware of the contraindications and indications. Your doctor can advise you well about the same. The couple should communicate in regards to long-term and short-term contraceptive methods. 

Health benefits for oral contraceptives 

Dr. Kumar Kamble states, “There are benefits of oral contraceptives like- 

No special procedure required  Medicine must be consumed on time Reduced risk of pregnancy.”

(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)

Contributed by: Dr.Kumar Kamble, Sexologist & De-addiction specialist
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