Corona Virus: Isolation and mental health

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Dr Sarita Kumari, Psychologist is based in Patna. She works more on child psychology and family counselling. She also works with international organisation 'Turn the bus' and associated with Viklang Bhawan a part of PMCH, Patna.

The novel corona virus disease, developed towards the conclude of the year 2019, appears to be intimidating the wellness of masses and menacing the global growth. Even the pretentious regime hadn't predicted a contagious ailment being as severe that it could hamper the entire welfare framework.Although the execution of measures and implementation of requisites that the catastrophe demands are served by the authority, the query remains! Is protection against calamity confined to a certain period or there's an indelible agony to accompany?

No sooner did the COVID-19 disease reach a pandemic stature, than 'The World Health Organization' issued the biomedical and psychological perspective to alleviate the constraints. Further, to palliate the pestering, the commencement of various online platforms providing psychological counselling services for the pompous mob by intercontinental medical institutions and universities, after primary experience in China, seems a matter of satisfaction for the time being.

In addition to the existing struggles, there are serious challenges faced by citizens, especially sustaining the prolonged shutdown. However Lockdown is essential to break the chain of the pandemic but people find it inflexible to deal with their mental challenges like uncertainty about the future; youth is facing the undeniable load of job insecurity, financial insecurity, emotional turmoil, disturbed schedule and numerous hitches.

The pandemic has imposed a serious social and psychological impact on the entire population by expanding unemployment, isolating families and different changes within the manner that we live. Extended deviation from our normal lifestyle ought to affect us with major psychological risk factors that initiates anxiety, depression, and self-harm.

In the present situation, there's lack of positivity around. There is an alarming need to maintain a strategic distance from mental and physical illness. Recognise the urge to identify different areas in order to adapt a change. Follow a healthy lifestyle, practice yoga and meditate, keep yourself surrounded by positive people. Adapt a welcoming attitude towards exploring new opportunities, practice positive self-talk, maintain proper visual communication and speech. The lockdown opens the path to believe your life and appreciate the power of your will. Be kind to yourself. You have a bucket list of tasks to undertake and work your fingers to the bone. "Targets to realize, duties to perform, and rules to follow" is the need of the hour.

Break a tie if you have found a purpose to possess a balanced approach that is profuse and congenial. Unlike a pessimistic approach, neither does a positive attitude strain nor does it overstretch. Willingness and zeal shall overshadow all the cynical thoughts and eventually we will win over the crisis if we keep this positivity constant throughout.

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