Costochondritis: These 5 reasons cause 'rib swelling', know the symptoms and treatment

The main cause of swelling in the ribs is not yet known, sometimes this problem gets cured on its own and sometimes after a long time, this problem gets rid of. Today we will tell you through this article what are the symptoms of swollen ribs. Also, know the cause and treatment.

Swelling of the ribs is not a common problem. It is important to understand its symptoms, causes, and treatment in time. Otherwise, the chances of a heart attack may increase.

When the ribs become inflamed, this condition is called costochondritis. In this condition, the cartilage connecting the ribs to the chest bone starts to swell. There the redness starts coming. Along with this, the person becomes prone to heart attack and heart-related problems. Let us tell you that some people also know the swelling in the ribs by the name of chest wall pain, costosternal syndrome, etc.

Causes of costochondritis

Swelling in the ribs can be due to the following reasons-

1 - Swelling occurs in animals due to physical stress. Some people lift more weight or exercise for longer periods of time, which puts pressure on the ribs and leads to swelling.

2- Due to infection in the joints, there is swelling in the real. 

3- Due to injury, there is swelling in the ribs.

4 - Due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, etc., there is swelling in the ribs.

5 - Due to problems in the thyroid and lungs, there is swelling in the ribs.

Symptoms of costochondritis

1 - Impact on more than one rib.

2 - Feeling pain on the opposite-hand side of the chest bone.

3 - Feeling of pressure in the chest.

4 - Coughing and taking deep breaths.

5 - Feeling pain while taking a deep breath.

6 - Feeling of difficulty in breathing.

Costochondritis treatment

Doctors use medicines to treat swelling in the ribs. These medicines include narcotics, anti-epileptic medicines, etc. Apart from this, this problem can also be prevented through therapy. 

The chest muscles are lightened through exercise, which provides relief from pain. The process of stimulating the nerves consists of a device, which is affixed to the affected area, now the signal from the device is passed through the current to the brain. If even this treatment does not give relief, then the doctor numbs the painful area through injections or applies for corticosteroid medicines.

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