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Deekshith Varaprasad aims at building a healthy environment and pollution-free surrounding with his technology AirOk. He gives valuable insights about AirOk for the polluted free world and aims to make it accessible and affordable to all.

Air pollution is a silent yet deadly killer that claims the lives of 1% of the world population. Of the 30 most air-polluted cities in the world, 22 belong in India. The air pollution problem in India is severe as more than 90% of Indians live in areas where the air quality is below the standards set by the World Health Organisation.  According to Bluewave Consulting, the air purifier segment will grow by 24% between 2018- 2024.  A TechSci report claimed that the air purifier market of India will reach $209 million at the end of 2021.

At IIT Madras, three students from the Environmental Engineering Department were working on different projects related to air pollution. Later, they got together to solve this big issue which is air pollution. Deekshith Vara Prasad along with his co-founders Pavan Reddy Yasa and Vanam Sravan Krishna formed AirOK. Deekshith is the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of AirOk Technologies. & He holds a degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

AirOk venture and its offerings

Deekshith Varaprasad says, “ Air is invisible. It was quite challenging for me to present a case study on something which is invisible. Data is important to believe and allow people to think. So, we built data on atmospheric pollution correlating to the health aspects. We cannot live about air. We have to breathe continuously. polluted air will give us chronic effects. Polluted air is slow poisoning which affects health. So, AirOk comes across these thoughts. Air pollution is a problem for everyone and the solution for it should be affordable. These are the two concepts while we designed the AirOk with technology around it. 

Air pollution does not mean only dust pollution but also comprises other particles as well. AirOk is a product with patented technology that will not just solve the dust issue but other patented parameters as well. This is the USP of the Air Ok.”

USP of AirOk 

Deekshith Varaprasad states, “There are many aspects in terms of USP for AirOk which is as follows- 

Design- Every part of the product is thought well and it took 2 years to come up with this product. So, the beauty of this design is integrated into any other product. While other companies are product specific when it comes to integration. We have integrated technology in any application and we can customize it according to your needs. It is application-oriented and easily customized."

We have kept certain standard levels in which the purifier works. It is an automated installation. There are many companies using our products - 

Amazons  Mnc corporates  Schools Hospitals 

Awareness is important for a healthy environment for good productivity. Proper education with air quality monitoring is very important."

AirOk Solutions for home usage 

Deekshith Varaprasad informs, “The people’s mindset is changed drastically. Initially, we use to focus only on B2B clients but now since last 2 years due to covid people are concerned about the health and air pollution and looking for solutions. We have approached people not to make a sale of a product but as a seasonal product based on the fluctuations and seasonal graphs. This is one change in business and we are happy with the response.”

Retention Rate of AirOk Customers 

Deekshith Varaprasad informs, “The product will speak for itself with advantages which is R&D and advanced technology. We develop customized solutions as well.”

Funds raised and utilized by AirOk

Deekshith Varaprasad informs, “The funds were raised on two occasions. 

During the initial stage, on producing the concept for initial development.  The second one was at industrial development and showcasing the product.  My idea was to bring value to the product.”

Future scale-up and expansion plans of AirOk 

Deekshith Varaprasad says, “Our principle is everywhere. We want to do R&D continuously to bring about a modification in the product so that people themselves can use it. The product should be accessible and help increase the market penetration.”

Revenues in FY21 and plans to close at the end of FY22

Deekshith Varaprasad informs, “From last 3 years, we were getting good revenue. In 2018- 2019, we had a revenue of 1.5 cr with 400 customers. In 2020, we touched 2 crores. In 2021, covid pandemic happened and that didn't stop us. We reached 2.5 cr. and we are hoping to touch 3 cr in 2022."

Goals AirOK in the year 2022

Deekshith Varaprasad states, “The goals which are important for AirOk are - 

Awareness  Affordability  Zero concern with self-cleaning filters SAAS Model to take it to the next well. “

Message from Expert 

Deekshith Varaprasad states, “Don't ever forget why you started and the main motive behind your entrepreneurship. This should be your strong motivation why you started. There may be ups and downs. Just remember why you started and don't give up.”


(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)


Contributed by Deekshith Varaprasad, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of AirOk Technologies 
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