Diabetes can be treated with homeopathy

A homeopathic doctor will always tell you to taper off the steroids and stop using them, however, the side effects of steroids are very well treated by homeopathic medicines.

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Dr. Jaswant Patil has over 30 years of rich medical experience. He has treated more than 1,00,000 patients using Classical Homoeopathy. He is the UK Founder & Chief Visionary of Deep Ganga Group. He has successfully treated many chronic cases, like Cancer, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Kidney Failure, Arthritis, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Neurology Diseases, and digestive Diseases.

Slow restoration with homeopathy is a myth.

According to Dr. Jaswant Patil, Homeopathy is a science that is based on the disturbance at the emotional level affecting the body's immunology and physiology, as well as the disturbance at the repair mechanism causing disease. Patients with chronic diseases typically take medications for a longer period when receiving allopathic treatment. If the correct detection and remedies are used in homeopathy. A doctor should know why this disease exists in a person. Then it will be easier for him to find the best solution. Homeopathy is based on symptoms and characteristics. If the patient has unusual symptoms, homeopathic treatment can provide the best and fastest remedy.“Homeopathy is science and art. Scientific in nature and art is practice. Practicing and prescribing homeopathy is an art”.

 The best way to consult and give the appropriate first-line treatment

  • The patient should give proper information about the disease/illness.
  • The physicians should take all the information.
  • Prefer the proper first-line remedy.
  • Provide adequate follow-up to the patient within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Detect and diagnose in the shortest period.

Homeopathic medicines contain steroids is a myth

    Dr. Jaswant Patil elaborates It is a widely held misconception that homeopathic medicines contain steroids. It contains lactose as a base for tablets and powders and sucrose as a base for globules. A homeopathic doctor will always tell you to taper off the steroids and stop using them, however, the side effects of steroids are very well treated by homeopathic medicines. The integration of steroids and homeopathy is necessary today because the country is suffering from this type of pandemic, but homeopathy has no steroids and is anti-steroids.

Diabetes can be controlled and maintained by homeopathy treatment 

Dr. Jaswant Patil claims that globules manufactured of Lacto sugar will not affect diabetic patients. An individual can reduce and maintain diabetes in many circumstances using homeopathic medication with allopathic medicines. If a patient is on five or four diabetic allopathic medications, homeopathic medication can reduce that number by two or one.

He further added, Before declaring themselves cured, the patient should monitor their blood sugar levels and undergo periodic follow-ups. In some circumstances, you must monitor your sugar levels for at least three to four years before being considered cured. When the appropriate selection of homeopathic remedies is offered, the patient can be treated and the fastest remedy will be supplied if the patient comes early for diagnosis.

  Dr.Jasawant Patil believes in “Disturbed mind is the soul cause of all the diseases from the common cold to cancer”

Homeopathic medicines are effective and can be used to treat any disease.

According to Dr. Jaswant Patil, "Homeopathy never treats diseases."It treats the individual in the disease, disturbed mental stage, emotional stage, physiology, and immunology. All of these characteristics, symptoms, and integration of medicine in homeopathy can cure chronic diseases ranging from the common cold to cancer.

He also suggested that medical colleges teach the next generation of practitioners, that allopathic and homeopathic medicine be integrated. Practitioners may be able to treat and save numerous lives while experiencing fewer adverse effects. because of this integration.

(Edited by Shweta Yadav)


Contributed By: Dr. Jaswant Patil, UK Founder & Chief Visionary Deep Ganga Group
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