Do you have Vitamins Deficiency?

Tell-tale signs for vitamin deficiency are listed here with red flag symptoms. Addressing these symptoms and concerns can help you deal with vitamin deficiency in the right way.

Are you missing key vitamins??? Well, here is the answer. Check your hair and skin. They speak a lot about your daily vitamin intake. Every one of us is aware that vitamins and minerals are very important for a healthy body to perform daily functions and tasks. But how do you know when you are not meeting your body's needs. Well, this cannot go unnoticed. There are many signs and symptoms of vitamin deficiency. These tell-tale signs are easy to get hold of. 

Red flag signs for Vitamin Deficiency 

Here are red flag signs of Vitamin Deficiency 

  • Bone and muscle pain 
  • Hair loss 
  • Skin issues
  • Wounds or injuries slow to heal 
  • Stress and anxiety 
  • Vision issues

Let us take a sneak peek into each one of these red flag signs. 

Bone and muscle pain 

Bone and muscle pain is one of the common symptoms of vitamin deficiency. Being in pain is not normal. It is important to address these issues if you have chronic bone or muscle pain. Most of us have this issue starting from chronic tiredness and fatigue. Just popping a painkiller or vitamin supplement is not enough, it should get absorbed as well into the body in the right way.

Hair loss 

100 strands per day are considered normal. But did you know too much hairfall suggests that there is vitamin deficiency? Get started with controlling hairfall today by taking a high nutrient diet along with vitamin and mineral supplements that can be absorbed well. Healthy thick shiny lustrous hair is key to good health.

Skin issues

If you have dry skin or chronic skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis, this signals that you have a lack of vitamins and minerals. The deficiency of vitamins and minerals is signaled through hair and skin. 

Low immunity

Low immunity can cause recurrent infections and illness. Low and weak immunity is a sign of vitamin deficiency and it is important to address it. If you have frequent colds and coughs, it is important to take action and address the low immunity issue. 

Stress and anxiety 

Are you prone to stress? Well, all issues begin with stress. Certain nutrients and vitamins help you calm your system down by increasing your energy levels. So, if you get stressed out easily, it is important to check your vitamin levels before it's too late. Vitamins help to maintain and strike a balance in your body and overall well-being. 

Vision issues

Is your vision deteriorating? As you age, your eye power may also get affected. It is important to check your vision stability annually. To keep vision at an optimum level, make sure to get hold of your vitamins as you age. 

These are the 6 signs of vitamin deficiency that you must look out for. 

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