Explore The New Health StartUps for Haemophilia - Net4Hemo and Current Advancements for Haemophilia patients

New advancements in haemophilia must be encouraged on World Haemophilia Day. People should be aware of the benefits of new health startups for haemophilia patients for effective management of this disorder.

Haemophilia is a genetic disorder characterized by uncontrollable or severe bleeding on joints, muscles or other soft tissues. Patients affected with haemophilia are prone to easy bruising and may bleed easily. Current methods of treatments are being evaluated and are under research for better management and patient care. Administration of the clotting factor is the only treatment available for haemophilia patients. Gene therapy for haemophilia is a curative treatment under investigation and can be a lifesaver for many patients. 

Effective management of Haemophilia is a must 

Poor understanding of the pathophysiological mechanism involved in haemophilia is a major obstacle and hurdle in assessing effective haemophilia treatment and disease management. Haemophilia is a life-threatening disorder and can lead to repeated bleeding events which can affect the patient and his health. Various approaches have been put forward to help out haemophilia patients like coagulation factor replacement therapy to effective control haemophilia treatment and control. Let’s not forget that this is an inherited disorder and needs special attention in symptomatic patients to avoid bleeding. 

The app Net4Hemo for haemophilia patients is truly turning a boom nationwide

Net4Hemo is a mobile application which is providing information and measures to haemophilia patients to stay safe and healthy by being prepared with their treatment plans. The application is developed by Periwinkle Technologies Pvt Ltd. It is a Pune based company co-founded by Veena Moktali and Koustubh Naik. Net4Hemo is a finalist for Mbillionth Award organised by Digital Empowerment Foundation 2017 in the “Early Stage Category”

The operation of Net4Hemo for haemophilia patients

Net4Hemo provides remote consultation from doctors to haemophilia patients who need special care and attention. It is a responsive digital healthcare platform that not only helps in treating faster but also helps to reduce the travel time, wait time for the patient with the implementation of effective management strategies for haemophilia patients. Net4Hemo is a medical online platform with a whats app-like interface for registering birth defects and bleeding disorders to provide support to the patients affected by this bleeding disorder. The app allows patients to keep track of bleeding incidences to their doctors allocated or chosen by them so that accurate information can be kept to analyse their detailed case consultation and regular follow-ups with doctors. 

This way, their doctor can administer the correct line of treatment and work up effective strategies for perfect management of haemophilia. This system also allows prompt messaging and video consultation through your android or smartphones. As of now, they have 10 doctors and 800 patients subscribed to the app which has proved quite beneficial to the patient. 

Current advancements in management and treatment of haemophilia. 

There are many current advancements that are coming up for the management of haemophilia which concentrates on altered pharmacokinetics and dynamics of the clotting factor for better treatment and management of haemophilia. New novel techniques are coming into light with the current gene therapy which has made news for the treatment of haemophilia and for those affected with a severe bleeding disorder. Gene therapy for haemophilia is still in clinical trials and there is a need for well designed clinical trials to assess the long term feasibility and success rate of the management of haemophilia.

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