Symptoms and tips for care while dealing with heart diseases

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information “India has one of the highest burdens of cardiovascular disease (CVD) worldwide. The annual number of deaths from CVD in India is projected to rise from 2.26 million (1990) to 4.77 million (2020).” Therefore, it is necessary to know the way to deal with it.

Dr. Salil Garg is an Interventional Cardiologist in Dehradun and currently practicing inShri Mahant Indiresh Hospital, Dehradun. For the past 32 years, he has worked as a Cardiologist.

Signs of an unhealthy heart

Unhealthy heart signs are most common in unhealthy bodies. While walking if an individual experiences chest pain, breathlessness, heart beating at a fast pace, irregular heartbeat, feeling dizzy, or fainting are signs of an unhealthy heart.

Do excessive workouts lead to heart disease?

There are 2 sides to this. The first side is that doing exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn't assure that an individual will never get heart attacks. Only incidents of heart attacks are reduced by following appropriate lifestyles. On average, if 10 people are following healthy lifestyle patterns, then only 2 people will get heart attacks. The second side is that the people who do excessive workouts and weightlifting those people cause overtraining of the heart which may lead to the thickening of the muscles.

Additionally, a lot of people are taking supplements which may not be good. Some of them have a lot of Dubious value in them which are not good for the heart and spoil the balance of the body composition. Eventually problems such as Atherosclerosis and Erythema Nodosum. Stressed people are more prone to heart attacks.

Relation between Diabetes and heart disease

Diabetes and heart disease are known to be majorly interlinked so much so that some of their factors are the same. Diabetes is known to be associated with hypertension and kidney diseases. In such people, Atherosclerosic heart disease is seen more widely.

Immediate life-saving actions for heart disease patients

If an individual has an ample amount of time then he/she should change their lifestyle. Regular exercise should be practiced more often. Modifications should be done in the food sector as well. An individual should avoid oily food and excessive intake of meat. Keeping weight as per requirement is also a healthy life practice to follow. Avoid intake of alcohol and smoking. 

When an individual is facing chest pain or a heart attack,  the most important thing to be done is to visit a doctor and seek medical advice from them. Since it may take some time to meet the doctor this should be first on a priority list. Additionally, sufficient rest is a must.

Diagnosis of heart disease

After visiting a doctor and getting the required test done, the patient should expert advice from the doctor because there will be certain unknown factors that the common man may not be able to understand. Advice for treatments should be practiced only on basis of doctors' sayings. The frequency of diagnosis should be once a year.

Is Chest pain the only warning sign of a heart attack?

Chest pain is not the only warning sign but it is known as the most important warning sign. Chest pain with sweating, intense feeling of an impending sense of doom, breathlessness, fainting and Palpitation are some other important factors. 

Can Depression makes Heart disease worse?

Yes, being depressed increases the chances of getting heart disease. The other thing to acknowledge is that due to depression an individual may not take the required treatment.

Does dark chocolate lower the risk of heart disease?

Yes, dark chocolates are known to be good for the heart.

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Contributed By: Dr.Salil Garg, Senior Cardiologist, Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital
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