International Yoga Day- 21 June 2021 -The benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a great exercise for a healthy body and mind. Include yoga in your daily routine to have the best of life. This International Yoga Day take a pledge and invest quality time in yoga

International Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21st every year. International Yoga Day 2021 is the 7th year since its inception. This day of June is recognized as International Yoga Day at the initiative of the Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in 2014. It is regularly observed as International Yoga Day. Yoga is a type of mind and body exercise that involves movement like stretches and different physical postures. Many styles of yoga exist from mild to a severe movements which can be intensive or face-paced. 

The benefits of Yoga 

Yoga helps stimulate natural healing 

Your body should have the capability of naturally healing itself which is very important for the overall well-being of the individual. This natural healing helps to take care of the wear and tear of the body. It is important for the body to repair itself after the entire day's work. Practicing yoga helps in long-term benefits which can be yield every day.

Yoga Increases balance 

Moving your body through exercises and various poses helps improve both flexibility and balance. An evidence-based study and research were conducted after 10 weeks of bi-weekly yoga sessions which proved a healthy lifestyle and better well-being. Yoga helps improve flexibility and balance in the people who practice yoga regularly

Yoga helps improve flexibility 

For your body to move and function, flexibility is essential. Flexibility also helps muscles and joint movement. A yoga instructor and personal trainer will help you with your flexibility through yoga. Balance is important to avoid falls and injuries. Many yoga positions involve balancing such one-legged postures, yoga can improve balance. Yoga helps in restoring flexibility and balance that tends to lose with age. Yoga forces you to move your bodies in different ways that you don't do normally.

Yoga builds strength

Yoga builds muscle strength by using bodyweight as a form of resistance. By holding different poses or moving about, you build muscle endurance. Muscle endurance refers to muscle strength and how long a muscle can perform a particular exercise repeatedly. In a research-based study, People who practiced yoga regularly saw improvement in muscle strength and flexibility after 12 weeks of continuous yoga training sessions. 

Yoga reduces stress 

Everybody goes through stress and this is very normal. How you cope up with stress is a very important factor. Stress releases the hormone cortisol which is a stress hormone that helps in properly controlling and dealing with stress. Yoga helps in reducing stress and helps us to cope up with it. Yoga relaxes and helps to calm your system. Yoga helps in improving your mental condition and keeps all the mental illness. Yoga helps in releasing the “feel-good hormones” which are necessary for a healthy body. So, get started with yoga that can help you have a healthy body and mind. 

Everyone should include yoga as a ritual in their daily routine and practice every day. Yoga relaxes the mind and body and keeps diseases at bay. Start investing in yoga which is a must for everyday life that can help you to relieve stress as well. This International Yoga Day starts with your yoga sessions with a professional who can help you keep a healthy mind and body.

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