Medishala Digital Clinics makes healthcare accessible and affordable to rural India

People in rural areas generally have less access to healthcare than in urban areas. Fewer medical practitioners and healthcare facilities are a big challenge in the healthcare ecosystem. To cater to this problem, Patna-based health-tech startup, Medishala provides online healthcare facilities through telemedicine and video conferencing. Their aim is to bridge the healthcare gap between urban and rural areas.

Mohammad Amanullah is the co-founder of Medishala. Medishala is a Patna bsed health tech startup that provides telemedicine facilities and digital clinics to rural patients.


Medishala is a health-tech startup in Bihar that connects doctors to their patients. Our aim is to make the availability of doctors in every nook and corner of the country. They want to bring doctors to the people and not the other way i.e people to the doctor with the help of technology. 

Digital Clinics

They have introduced the concept of Digital Clinics. In these Digital Clinics, there are assistants (who are trained experts) who help people connect with doctors online and provide additional services also. These assistants forward patient’s medical records, vital information to doctors and convey back their opinions to the patient in real-time. In these Digital Clinics, reputed doctors of different specializations are available at different times.

USP of Medishala

To cater to the problem of look and feel, they have introduced IoT equipment devices in their Digital clinics. The device can be used to check basics like BP and sugar. The Assistant gathers this vital information and passes it on to the doctor in real-time. The doctor treats the patient on the basis of these vitals. 

Digital clinics provide doctor’s consultations, prescription medicines and diagnostic tests too. 

The customer base of Medishala

“Till now we have seen 1.5 lacs patients. We are planning to open more centers in the future as per the demand. The number of patients in centers is also increasing owing to the best services at minimal costs,” informs Mohammad Amanullah.

The startup has raised seed funds. 

Revenues of Medishala

The startup’s last year revenue was 48 lacs and this year they are targeting 1.5 crores. 

Funds utilization

Mohammad Amanullah says, “A large part of funds is being used to leverage technology. We have developed an EMR system for doctor’s convenience.”

Startup challenges 

Mohammad Amanullah stresses, “We have seen and experienced the pain points of healthcare in rural places. Teleconsultation in rural places was not at all common. Changing the mindset of people toward teleconsultation was a bit challenging. Our aim was to solve the real problems of people and add value to their lives by doing our bit. Challenges are still there but we are trying our best to find out the solutions and grow simultaneously.

Learnings for the budding entrepreneur

The co-founder concludes, “Don’t lose hope, have patience. Identify your mistakes/problems and try not to repeat them. The team is very important. Keep the positivity and confidence alive in all team members.” 

(Edited by Renu Gupta)


Contributed By: Mohammad Amanullah, Co founder at Medishala
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