Mental exercise for Healthy Body and Mind

Let us now know which are such mental exercises, which can increase your body awareness and boost brainpower. Start incorporating this from today!!!

As you know, different exercises can be done for body awareness, which makes your body healthy. At the same time, meditation can also be taken to make the mind healthy and to increase body awareness. 

Body scan meditation

Underbody scan meditation, you have to become aware of your whole body. You do this entire exercise with your breath. Its daily practice provides great relief in problems like weakness, pain, tension, etc. and you sleep well.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a sleep in which you become completely aware of your body and mind. It is also called Psychic sleep. While lying down, you have to meditate on your whole body and during this, you are also aware of the movement of your breath. In this way, you can relax and relieve tension. Both these exercises can be used to improve your mental health under body awareness. Let us now know about body awareness therapy.

Therapies for Body Awareness

When you want to seek professional help to increase body awareness, you can also take the help of therapy. It includes physical, occupational, and somatic therapy. Let us know about the therapy for body awareness.

Physical therapy

You can take the help of physical therapy to increase body awareness. If you are having problems due to a major injury or surgery and you are not able to balance your body properly, then you can work on body awareness through physical therapy.

Occupational therapy

For this, you can consult an occupational therapist, so that you can do daily tasks better. This therapy works on your motor skills. Occupational therapy is needed for people who are suffering from severe neurological conditions.

Mental and emotional health

When your body and mind are connected, your vestibular and proprioceptive systems function properly. On the other hand, if you lack body awareness, then you may have problems like Anxiety, Depression, Vertigo. In such a situation, you need to work to maintain body awareness. Even in problems like autism, body awareness has been considered essential. Let us now know about the relationship between body awareness and autism.

The relationship between body awareness and autism

As you know, sensory dysfunction is seen in autistic people, due to which their body is not able to function properly. This is the reason why their emotional regulation has an effect. Due to these problems, problems like Irritation, Hyperactivity, Laziness, and lack of motor activity are seen in autistic people. That's why they are given body awareness training. Through body awareness training, better coordination can be achieved between body and mind, which makes them feel better.

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