Nucros : Healthy yet tasty food delivered at your door step

Tired of eating tasteless diet foods? Try Nucros which delivers customized, nutritional, tasty, and healthy diet food at your doorstep. It is scientifically backed platform that provide guidance related to nutrition and wellbeing after consulting with the experts.

Sakshi Bakshi is the co-founder of Nucros – Science & Taste. Nucros is a smart health solutions company that customizes and delivers freshly prepared healthy meals to customer’s homes. 

Nucros – Science & Taste

Foodies often end up eating unhealthy snacks to fulfill their cravings. Especially if they are having any health conditions then craving becomes even more. With such cravings, people are unable to stick to their restrictive diet plans for a long time. This is what gave birth to Nucros – Science, and taste with the basic concept of food as medicine.

Sakshi says, “Nucros connect your blood reports, medical history, screening, and predictive analytics based on your DNA (which will tell what are the chances of getting the disease) and after analyzing all these points, we prepare a customized diet and deliver it to your doorstep.” 

Nucros aims to deliver calculated nutritional tasty and controlled meals at your doorstep. 

Prime USPs of Nucros

Health conditions like PCOS, diabetes, etc require holistic lifestyle management. Nucros help them to learn and develop better eating habits which in turn enhances their physical and mental health. Nucros connect you to nutritionists and doctors and help you to attain your health goals with no compromise on taste.

The customer base of Nucros

Nucros have a subscription-based model. It is based around Delhi NCR and has touched thousands of lives. Nucros delivers over 25,000 meals a month.

The startup is bootstrapped and plans to raise funds in the future.

Expansion plans

Nucros is planning to expand to other metros like Mumbai and Bangalore and wants to get into retail segments in the future. They do want to venture into healthy mixes for conditions like PCOS and diabetes.

Operating challenges

As Nucros is a subscription-based model, most subscribers often do not renew the plan once they attain their health goals in 2-3 months. To battle this issue, they are planning to get into retail segments. They have diversified their business into a customized balanced diet plan to retain their customers for a lifetime. 

Pandemic and Nucros

“Nucros was started in the pandemic. COVID has brought healthcare into the limelight. We all have realized the importance of eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. People were ready to accept us and without any marketing, we had a great customer response. We had 40 clients in our first month which doubled in the next month. We have grown mainly through word of mouth and doctor’s references,” mentions Sakshi.

Learnings for budding entrepreneurs

Sakshi concludes, “Healthcare entrepreneurs know their product very well but have a tough time in marketing. Thus, I would ask them to get a mentor or advisor, or marketing expert. Continue to focus on what you are doing, don’t lose hope, you can add value to people’s lives.”  

(Edited by Renu Gupta)


Contributed By: Sakshi Bakshi, Co founder at Nucros - Science & Taste
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