Pandorum Technologies – startup that constructs regenerative medicine for patients of Covid-19 and chronic ailments

Pandorum Technologies is a Bangalore based biotechnology startup. Its focus is on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Pandorum Technologies amalgamates clinical competencies, life science, and engineering to design and manufacture three dimensional functional human tissues; intended for therapeutics and medical research.

The multi-disciplinary team of Pandorum Technologies, addresses the most important challenges of healthcare by developing and disseminating high-end healthcare products. The team has been using technological and scientific competencies to elevate the quality and duration of people’s lives. Regenerative medicine, drug screening, tissue engineering, biomaterials, organoids, liver, cornea and 3D bioprinting are the focus areas of the startup. Pandorum Technologies uses translational principles of engineering and biology to design therapeutic products that alleviate sufferings of patients of liver diseases, lung related disorders, and corneal dystrophies.

Healthcare Solutions of Pandorum Technologies 

Pandorum builds 3D functional tissues through a combination of cells, cell modulators, and gels using 3D printing, self-assembly, and other fabrication methods to construct desired tissue. As per Pandorum’s website, its proprietary technology platform is designed to develop the following functional human tissues enabling therapeutic and medical research applications: 

“Bio-engineered Cornea - biomimetic bioengineered support for restoring vision. Currently, Pandorum is performing pre-clinical animal trials and aiming towards human clinical trials. 

Liver - Pandorum’s 3D organoids containing multi-lineage cell types recapitulate the native microenvironment with parenchymal hepatocytes co-cultured with kupffer cells, hepatic stellate cells and liver endothelial cells. These organoids are induced to recapitulate the complex disease phenotype including steatosis, inflammation and fibrosis involving multiple cell-cell cross talks. 

Lung Regeneration - Since the outbreak of COVID19, Pandorum is expanding its reach by further developing the exosome platform, particularly for the post COVID19 trauma. Pandorum Technologies uses exosome therapy which is a cell-free therapy. With the manifestation of the defined set of cargo, healing of lung tissue in the COVID19 patients could be made easier. In this therapy, exosomes packed with immuno-modulatory, anti-fibrotic factors could alleviate the pain, inflammation, and pulmonary fibrosis which will lead to the tissue repair.” 

Tuhin Bhowmick and Arun Chandru are the co-founders of the organization. They have featured in Forbes Asia '30 under 30' – 2016, and have won many awards and accolades like BioExcellence Award in Biopharma and Healthcare – 2016, Top Innovator Award – 2017, First Place in 2019 Entrepreneurship World Cup (India), Top 50 Disruptive Startups of India award – 2019. Pandorum Technologies was launched in the year 2011.

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