Recovery is simplified with Quali5Care – An online shop for renting and buying medical equipment

Home healthcare in India is seeing phenomenal growth. With an increase in lifestyle and chronic diseases, more and more people are seeking home healthcare services at cost-effective prices. For better quality post-operative care and primary care, people are relying on services easily available at home at affordable prices. Quali5care is one such online shop for renting and buying medical equipment.

Harddik Patel is the Founder & CEO of Quali5care. Quali5Care And Consulting Private Limited is aiming to deliver highly durable & affordable medical equipment for rental and sale.


Harddik begins, “We incorporated in 2018 and started offering our medical equipment solution in Pune. Over the period of time, we have expanded our solutions across Pune. Requirements were getting fulfilled in the form of home care or nursing care but one thing that is totally ignored is the right equipment support for faster recovery of patients for home care at affordable prices. We are working to create a patient-centric approach and affordable and accessible healthcare with the on-time requirement. That is where the Quali5Care rental equipment e-commerce platform comes into the picture. We look forward to serving customers’ requirements within 3 hours post order generation for even a small single item like a walking stick to a big requirement like ICU setup. 

Quali5Care journey during COVID times

Harddik describes, “COVID has two different approaches. In the first wave, we all were scared, we didn't know anything. Working in that difficult situation itself was very tough, there were problems with logistics, local authority’s approval, and societal issues. Customers were not getting addressed, they were really struggling to get the right equipment support. It was really a challenging experience. In the second wave, we all were aware of the things but we didn’t have time. Life was at stake every second. Hospitals were running out of beds. Thus, we entered into corporate. We extended our support to hospitals for increasing the number of beds. At the same time, we were fulfilling the sale of requirements at the PAN India level. It was a tough time as we were operating 24x7.

USP of Quali5Care

Harddik emphasizes, “Talking about USP, we have cloud inventory support. Unlike other suppliers and vendors which are located in a particular location and can supply within 5-10 km, we are in a position to cater to Mumbai suburbs, Thane, Navi Mumbai, and Virar within 3 hours of placing an order. Technology support, right patient customization support, technical support, easy replacement, refund policy, and affordable rental offerings make the end customer happy. Because of technology, we are able to scale and expand from one city to another soon.”

Customer base

Harddik informs, “For single-specialty hospitals and small hospitals, the need for critical care equipment cost is very high but the utilization is very limited. So, they prefer cost-affordable equipment, and our rental offerings are best for these kinds of needs. During heavy traffic flow, hospitals often run out of beds, thus we provide quick availability of beds also so that the patient is treated on time and life is saved.” 

Funds for Quali5Care

Harddik adds, “Our offerings have been modified over the period of time. A new website will be coming soon, customer engagement platform, along with the B2B platform. This will make it all easy for customers. Initially, we raised seed funds, and are sustainable now. We will be expanding our presence in multiple cities. Talks for funds are at very advanced levels.” 


Harddik mentions, “Our revenue for the FY 2022 was 3.64 crores which was 200 times that of FY21. For this FY we are planning to double it up. We will be expanding B2B offerings and also value-added services so that customers get 360-degree medical support.”

Goals and future expansion

Harddik says, “Our business model has been tested, verified, and well accepted in the Mumbai market. The home healthcare requirement remains the same all over India and across the world. Technology is going to play a very critical role for these particular offerings where we will go live in 3-4 months, new websites with a customized package, customers recommendation, and all this will give more customized solutions to the end customer. We are planning to expand to other 10 cities in 24 months.

Golden words for the budding entrepreneur

Harddik concludes, “Building an idea to execution, getting the right team, being aligned with your vision is very important. Always satisfy your customer by fulfilling all their needs and requirements. Be aligned with your team members towards fulfilling your vision.”  

(Edited by Renu Gupta)


Contributed By: Harddik K Patel, Founder at Quali5Care
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