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In a Miraculous Recovery a 13-Year-Old Girl in Delhi Awakens from Coma After Liver Transplant.

Radha’s recovery offers hope to many families facing similar medical challenges. It demonstrates the advancements in medical science and the critical role of dedicated ...
May 21

The Ethics of Live Surgery Broadcasts: NMC Seeks Public Opinion

The NMC’s initiative to seek public opinion and expert recommendations is a crucial step towards ensuring that patient safety and ethical medical practices are ...
May 17

Successful Removal of 3.7 KG Large Abdominal Tumor from 14-Year-Old Somalian Girl at KIMS Cuddles Hospital

This successful operation underscores KIMS Cuddles Hospital's commitment to providing world-class medical care and innovative surgical solutions. The hospital continues to be a ...
May 16

Ramaiah Memorial Hospital Launches Novel Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy (IORT); Achieves significant advancement in Cancer Treatment to Enhance Quality of Life

As per the National Cancer Registry under ICMR-NCDIR, female breast cancer (FBC) is the leading cause of cancer incidence and mortality in India and ...
May 16

Kamineni Doctors Successfully Remove Bone Stuck Near Heart in Elderly Patient

Had the bone not been removed in time, the ulcer would have completely pieced the esophagus causing perforation and necessitating major surgery. We managed to ...
May 14

Setback for Organ Transplantion: First Human to Receive Pig Kidney Dies

While his story represents a significant step forward in medical innovation, it also highlights the complexities and risks associated with groundbreaking procedures....
May 13

Unlocking New Horizons: Gene Therapies for Hearing Loss and Blindness

These developments offer hope to individuals with genetic disorders, demonstrating the potential to transform lives and lead the way toward a healthier future....
May 10

Sankara Eye Foundation, USA To Hold “March To A Million” Seminar In Mumbai On May 11

Our Vision 2030 aims to perform 1 million free eye surgeries annually by 2030. We believe that no one should suffer from preventable blindness,” says ...
May 09

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Why Guys Go Bald Before Marriage

Understandin.g the underlying causes, recognizing symptoms, and adopting preventive measures can help delay hair loss and preserve hair health...
May 07

High Blood Pressure in Youth: A Precursor to Severe Heart Conditions

By emphasizing early detection, proactive management, and ongoing research, we can mitigate the long-term risks associated with hypertension, ensuring better cardiovascular health outcomes for ...
May 03

2 Months Post-Surgery, Patient Returns To Normal Life After Wide-Glossectomy With Microvascular Reconstruction

Post-surgery, Dr Harshita's journey continued with radiation and chemotherapy to combat her node-positive disease. Two months after completing her treatment, her scans ...
Apr 30

American Oncology Institute (AOI) in Mangalagiri Pioneers Innovative Approach in Breast Cancer Surgery for High-Risk Patients

Treating patients with breast cancer who also suffer from significant comorbidities presents a unique set of challenges. Our goal is to provide the best possible ...
Apr 30

Indian Air Force's Night Vision Rescue: Soldier’s Life Saved in High-Stakes Airlift

The successful execution of this rescue mission serves as a testament to the professionalism, skill, and preparedness of the IAF in delivering critical medical support ...
Apr 29

Sightsavers India Fellowship Program Invites Applications for Promising Ophthalmologists

Spanning a duration of 24 months, our fellows undergo rigorous training and receive guidance from industry leaders. Within this timeframe, they refine their clinical and ...
Apr 25

Sarvodaya Hospital Redefines Total Knee Replacement Surgery with Augmented Reality

Remarkably, within four hours post-surgery, the patient regained mobility with the aid of a walker, showcasing the efficiency and efficacy of the AR-assisted ...
Apr 23

What is Haemophilia: A Genetic Bleeding Disorder that has Affected 1,36,000 Indians

The prevalence of haemophilia in India highlights the importance of raising awareness, improving access to treatment, and supporting affected individuals and families....
Apr 19

Investigation Launched After Cataract Surgery Patients Experience Side-Effects in Indore

The sealing of the hospital’s operation theatre highlights the seriousness of the situation and the urgency to identify the root cause of the patients’ ...
Apr 12

Innovative Procedure at KGMU Saves Man Impaled by Iron Rod: Beating Heart Surgery Success

The four-hour surgery involved carefully removing a portion of the iron rod, repairing the damaged heart and lung tissues, and administering seven units of ...
Apr 11

Innovative Methodology in Heart Bypass Surgery: A Game-Changer in Cardiovascular Medicine

The FAST TRACK CABG study introduces a less invasive alternative, relying solely on non-invasive cardiac CT scan images enhanced by AI-powered blood flow ...
Apr 08

Health Day: 5 Trailblazing startups powering the future of healthcare India

As we celebrate Health Day, it's imperative to recognize and applaud the efforts of these 5 trailblazing startups that are driving positive change and ...
Apr 05

Jupiter Hospital Launches "#Notjustanumber" Campaign, Putting Patients First

The "#Notjustanumber" campaign reinforces Jupiter's commitment to treating the whole patient – body, mind and spirit. True healing requires an approach rooted in compassion, empathy ...
Apr 04

Hidden Health Threat Behind a Casual Selfie: US Women’s Tumour Discovering Story

Her story serves as a reminder of the importance of listening to one’s body, seeking medical advice when necessary, and advocating for one’s ...
Mar 30

Surviving Against the Odds: Steven Spinale's Journey After an Ingrown Hair Turns Deadly

What started as a routine procedure turned into a nightmare, ultimately landing him in a medically induced coma with only 4% chances of survival....
Mar 29

Improve Cancer Care through Automated CT Analysis: Oncoshield – CT

Medical imaging is integral to the early diagnosis and treatment of liver and pancreatic cancers. Global estimates indicate approximately close to a million new cases ...
Mar 26

In A Rare Feat, 45 YO Woman Walks Within 6 Hrs. Of Dual Robotic Surgery In A Single Operation At HCGMCC

Dr Raj Nagarkar Employs Natural Orifice Surgery To Simultaneously Remove Kidney Tumour & Uterine Fibroids ...
Mar 26

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