Top Indian Pharma stocks for short term gain : January 2021

▴ Top Indian Pharma stocks for short term gain : January 2021
Aarti Drugs, Laurus Labs, Granules India, Abbot India, Divis Lab and JB Chem - Medicircle top picks for short term gain

In 2020, the S&P BSE Healthcare index rose by 61 per cent, outperforming all other sectorial performance as well as the benchmark Sensex barometer, which rose 15 per cent. Stocks in the sector have seen a dream run. India's pharmaceutical sector accounts for the supply of more than 50 per cent of global demand for various vaccines, 40 per cent of generic demand for the US, and 25 per cent of all medicines for the UK. India contributes the second-largest share of pharmaceutical and biotech. Indian pharma is poised to grow by 100 billion dollars by 2025 riding on formulations, vaccines, API and herbal products so for investors it's time to kill, both short and long term.

Aarti Drugs

Performance -  Earning per share - 26.54 One year return - 506.36% Market Cap - 7146.58 P/E 29.3 %

Aarti Industries is a leading Indian manufacturer of Speciality Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals with a global footprint. Chemicals manufactured by Aarti are used in the downstream manufacture of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, polymers, additives, surfactants, pigments, dyes, etc. Aarti Industries possess world-class expertise in the development and manufacture of several basic chemicals, agrochemicals, speciality chemicals, and intermediates for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. A specialised API manufacturing facility, named Aarti Healthcare was launched in the year 2000. Its key business focus is on: 1. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients 2. Custom Synthesis & Contract Research, active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing facility is USFDA & EUGMP which are accredited with dedicated production blocks for Steroids and Oncological APIs. The company also the preferred partner in the regulated markets since we provide Regulatory Documentation & IPR support for global markets (17 CEPs & 26 USDMFs). CEO - Mr Rashesh C Gogri

Laurus Labs

Performance - Net Profit : Up by 299.04% ( Sep 2019-Sep2020) , EBITDA - Up by 166.8% , Earnings per Share - 226.12% for last 6 months and 327.52% in last 12 months

Laurus Labs is an Indian pharmaceutical company headquartered in Hyderabad. Its focus areas include active pharma ingredients, finished dosage forms, synthesis and biotechnology. Laurus Labs manufacturing units have received multiple approvals from USFDA, WHO, NIP Hungary, KFDA, MHRA, TGA, and PMDA. The company operates through its subsidiaries in Europe and the United States and also offers its services in contract research, clinical research and analytical research through its R&D centres. Laurus Labs claims to be the "world's largest third-party API supplier for antiretrovirals". The company also makes Dolutegravir/lamivudine/tenofovir, a medication for HIV/AIDS, and hydroxychloroquine tablets, which are used to treat certain types of malaria. In March 2020, Laurus Labs received US Food and Drug Administration approval to market hydroxychloroquine tablets. The company announced that it would supply hydroxychloroquine for clinical trials of preventive treatment of COVID-19. Founder and CEO - Mr Satyanarayana Chava

Granules India

Performance - Earning Per Share - 17.27, Market Cap - 9670.46, One year return - 210.51%, P/E - 23.51

Granules India Limited is an Indian pharmaceutical manufacturing company based in Hyderabad, India. Granules manufacture several off-patent drugs, including Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Metformin and Guaifenesin, on a large scale for customers in the regulated and rest of the world markets. Granules India Limited entered the CRAMS segment, which focuses on contract research and manufacturing. Granules India was formed in 1984 as Triton Laboratories. Triton produced Paracetamol API at its Bonthapally factory on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Triton scientists found a more efficient way to produce the Paracetamol API, which led to lower capital and raw material requirements. In 1987, Triton became the only Indian company aside from Dr Reddy’s Laboratories to export pharmaceutical products to the U.S.Though Triton was growing as an API manufacturer, management decided it could create a value-added version of its product. In order to distinguish itself from competitors, Triton management pioneered the concept of manufacturing and selling in bulk granulated Paracetamol, also known as directly compressible grade material (DC), or "PFI". In 1990, it opened its second manufacturing facility at Jeedimetla to produce multiple APIs.In 1991,[4] management set up a new entity, which was incorporated as Granules India Limited. Soon after Granules applied the PFI concept to other APIs, set up a PFI facility at Jeedimetla and began exporting the material to various markets including the U.S., Germany and Australia. CEO and MD - Mr Krishna Prasad Chigurupati

Jb Chem

Performance - Earning Per Share - 39.75%,One Year return - 141.39%, Market Cap - 7744.83% ,P/E-24.4%

JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals (JBCPL) is engaged in manufacturing of pharmaceutical specialities in various dosage forms, herbal remedies, diagnostics, generic drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Incorporated in 1976, the company is part of Unique Group. It has operational presence in more than 50 countries. Headquartered at Mumbai, the company has 11 state–of–the–art manufacturing units located at Belapur, Panoli, Ankleshwar and Daman. The company’s in–house research and development facilities conduct various activities such as developing of new product in therapeutic segments such as antidiabetics, CNS and respiratory; development of niche technology and processes. JBCPL is engaged in making of lozenges and cough syrups enabling the company to explore European markets. The company also undertakes contract research and manufacturing services (CRAMS) for companies in the US, Europe, Australia and South Africa.JBCPL owns three subsidiaries namely J B Life Science Overseas (India), OOO Unique Pharmaceuticals Laboratories (Moscow, Russia) and J B Healthcare (Jersey, Channel Islands).JBCPL exports to over 40 countries worldwide with a strong presence in Russia, Ukraine and the other CIS countries. CEO - Mr Nikhil Chopra

Divis Lab

Performance- Earning Per Share-66.26,One year return - 104.04%, Market Cap - 99079.51%, P/E-56.33

Divi's Laboratories Limited is an Indian producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The company manufactures and custom synthesizes generic APIs, intermediates and nutraceutical ingredients. Divi's Laboratories is India's second most valuable pharmaceutical company by market capitalization. Divi's Laboratories was established in 1990 as Divi's Research Centre. The company initially started developing commercial processes for the manufacturing of APIs and intermediates. Divi's Research Centre changed its name to Divi's Laboratories Limited in 1994 to signal its intent to enter the API and intermediates manufacturing industry. Following this, the company established its first manufacturing facility in 1995 at Choutuppal, Telangana. In 2002, the company's second manufacturing facility commenced operations at Chippada near Visakhapatnam.CEO - Dr Kiran Divi

Abbot India

Performance - Earning per share - 310.01, One year return - 21.58%, Market Cap - 33082.64,P/E-50.22

Established in 1910, Abbott in India is one of the country’s oldest and most admired healthcare companies. We provide consumers with a diverse range of diagnostics solutions, medical devices, nutritional products and established pharmaceuticals that span the continuum of care. With over 14,000 employees in India and extensive local knowledge, the company offers relevant solutions that ensure the healthcare needs of consumers, patients, doctors, hospitals, blood banks and laboratories throughout both rural and urban areas. Positioned as a market leader in pharmaceuticals, nutrition, devices and diagnostics, Abbot's key brands occupy the top positions in relevant categories. Offering includes over 400 trusted pharmaceutical brands; a variety of nutritional products for infants, children, active adults and people with special dietary needs; medical devices, including blood glucose meters, vascular devices and a range of diagnostics solutions.

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