The International No Diet Day - 6 th May 2021 -Follow healthy diet today!!

The International No Diet Day - 6 th May 2021 is all about following a healthy diet for healthy weight loss. “NO DIET” is the formula to healthy weight loss for the best lifestyle and it is more about accepting yourself as beautiful.

This International No Diet Day (INDD) was introduced in the year 1992 by Mary Evan Young who heard that a young teenager committed suicide who could not cope up with fat. This  International No Diet Day is to pay respect and honor your body and accept it the way it is. This day is dedicated to promote a healthy lifestyle and raise awareness about the danger of low appetite and less eating. 

The theme of The International No Diet Day - 6 th May 2021 

The International No Diet Day - 6 th May 2021 is a symbol of blue ribbon. It is an annual celebration of body acceptance and body shape. It is important to appreciate your body and empower yourself with healthy eating. Do not worry about the weighing scale because it is all about eating the right and correct healthy food. This day is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and healthy living. 

What exactly is dieting?

The majority of us have gone through a phase of dieting often which is necessary or effective. As concerned with the new generation, recent data shows that many teenagers are preoccupied with their weight and might indulge in overeating or under eating. This leads to eating disorders making them overweight or underweight. Although a large number of people claim to be on a diet the problem of obesity is still on the high rise. This is because the diet does not lead to weight loss. The majority of people regain the lost weight over a period of time. The vicious cycle of weight gain and weight loss is also known as “weight recycling” is associated with his risk of morbidity which can create many complications. 

Causes of “Hunger Pangs”

Dieting is seen mostly in people who restrict themselves in indulging in junk and fatty food. It is mostly seen in people who want to become lean and thin. They are more focused on what they consume rather than exercise. In this way, due to lack of exercise, weight loss may occur due to loss of muscle mass or fluid loss. Losing muscle reduces the body’s metabolic rate and makes weight maintenance very difficult. This kind of weight loss may lead to binge eating and may lead to weight gain. Unusual cravings may lead to more difficulty in weight loss. These are also called “hunger pangs” 

Side effects of dieting 

Ever heard of “Re - weight gain”? Yes, this is very much possible if you do not take care while dieting. Dieting has passed the essence of “healthy eating.” People who follow these diet fads tend to forget that they need healthy food for their bodies. Once their weight loss diet is finished, they tend to gain weight with more intensity because of hunger pangs. There are a lot of negative effects on the body which are as follows:

Low energy levels Low mood Decreased stamina  No desire to work Tiredness  Fatigue  Lethargy  Prone to illness  Low Blood pressure  Low sugar levels  Anorexia  Weight loss  Skinny and thin body frame  Low productivity  Confusion Decreased thinking levels  Lowe cognitive power  Increased sleepiness  Extreme hunger 

Now, that you know the side effects of “dieting”, ensure that you follow a diet for healthy weight loss which does not involve any overeating or undereating. Consult a nutritionist who can help you with and empower your health today!

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