‘There is need to Counsel and Increase awareness among the people’ says Hardik Mistry, Quality Assurance, Hester Biosciences Limited

“New drug development and discovery are helped in a great way to having promising results. So this Digital age and Technology trends ultimately results in patient safety,” says Hardik Mistry, Quality Assurance, Hester Biosciences Limited.

Patient safety is the absence of preventable harm to a patient during the process of health care and the reduction of the risk of unnecessary harm associated with health care to an acceptable minimum.

Hardik Mistry, Quality Assurance, Hester Biosciences Limited has a unique and comprehensive experience in Vaccine Manufacturing, Medical device manufacturing, and Parenteral Dosage manufacturing, project management arenas, and excellent technical and practical knowledge of various Validation and Qualification activities.

Hester Biosciences Ltd. is a company engaged in working towards achieving better health among animals across all species, as well as towards monitoring and prevention of animal diseases.

Patient safety is always the priority

Hardik shares his views, “Being a Healthcare Professional patient safety is always the priority. Globally COVID is one of the most challenging obstacles for the health care professionals as far as Patient Safety is concerned and it demands much more efforts of the Health Care professionals.  The patient is safe when one Health Care Professional is Ethical, Integral and Having Moral Values along with his/her job role,” he says.

Increase awareness among the people 

Hardik explains, “According to me the best contribution I can do for the Safety of Health workers is to increase awareness among the people as much as possible about the precautions and measures against COVID and coordinate Health Care persons. Our organization is complying with ISO 45001, health and safety management system, and I am heading the IMS. We have conducted training for each and every person in our organization for the same. I am very well aware of Patient counseling which helps patients tremendously. Fear of COVID kills more patients than actually by COVID infection. So in such a situation patient counseling also plays a very promising role,” he says. 

Health care services on one-click

Hardik sheds light on the matter, “We are blessed to have this transformation. Healthcare boons are in our hands and in one click we can have health care services as fast as possible. This digital transformation helps in a great way to reduce the time for diagnosis, prevention, and treatment aids. New drug development and discovery are helping in a great way of having promising results. So this Digital age and Technology trends ultimately results in patient safety,” he says. 

Ethical and integral practices 

Hardik talks on ensuring proper patient safety from diagnostic errors, healthcare-acquired infections, medication errors, readmissions, wrong-site surgery, and communication, “I can give assurance of my own job, my colleagues and teammates and I always inspire them for ethical and integral practices and to spread the same among their team.  Factors, as mentioned in the question, are very few, there are so many other factors too. The life cycle of the Drug Product, Risk Assessment, Pharmacovigilance are some of the tasks which we can do for patient safety. To start from some chemical and to reach to the Patient as a safe drug or medicine is not the role of a single person. Various departments and persons are engaged in the same. Each person must take care of their job role to reach the final goal of Patient safety. It's teamwork and by it, we can achieve,” he says.

Edited By- Rabia Mistry Mulla

Contributed By: Hardik Mistry, Ast. Manager, Quality Assurance, Hester Biosciences Limited 
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