This parents’ day, honor and say ‘Thank you

Parents' Day is an appropriate time to express gratitude, love, and affection to parents for their dedication and sacrifice in raising their children and nurturing their lives. They serve as a spinal cord for their children. It is now our turn to express our gratitude.

Every fourth Sunday in July of every year is designated as "National Parents Day." They make a significant contribution to our lives. They are the ones who have supported us, kept an eye on us, and helped shape who we are now.

The occasion known as Parent's Day honours parents everywhere and serves as a time to express gratitude for their efforts in fostering a sense of joy, love, and understanding within the family. Parents shape their children's personalities in accordance with their innate abilities and strengths and pass on moral principles and the philosophy of living life fully to them.

Parent's Day acknowledges the vital role that parents play in their children's lives. It is an expression of appreciation for the hardships, nurturing and care, and emotional fortitude of parents who see their children go through various stages as they grow up and beyond. Parents serve as more than just a source of monetary needs; they also serve as mentors and guides, which has a positive impact on their child's or children's attitude and behaviour. In fact, no relationship comes a close second to the parent-child relationship for these reasons. The family link is sustained for a lifetime by this continuous exchange of good energy between the parent and the child.


They are also there to support us in achieving our objectives despite the world constantly changing. Most parents spend their days and nights worrying nonstop about their kids and struggling to get any sleep. They serve as each child's initial support system and back holder. This day is particularly emphasized how important parents are to children's development. Everyone's life depends on the support of their family, and parents are those supporters.

Points to be noted are:

  • Spend quality time-The best thing to do on that day would be to spend some time if not the entire day
  • Picnic or vacation-Whether on a picnic or a vacation, the family will create priceless memories by travelling and exploring together.
  • Good food—Cooking their preferred dish or perhaps ordering it will satisfy their craving and satisfy their stomach.
  • Gifts- Something big or small, anything is a big victory if you give them something they like or need.
  • Go through old memories-Throwbacks will bring all of their old precious moments back to life and will assist them in experiencing nostalgia.
  • Take them to the spa and salons-Taking them to spas and salons can relax them to a certain extent and they will feel much better
  • Hand-crafted gift- A hand-crafted gift for them will be a special one for them as they see your efforts for them

    • Doing their favourite activity- Taking part with them in their favourite activity can bring joy to them

    • Ask blessings and hugs-Don't forget to take their precious blessings on that very auspicious day. Hugs from parents hit different as well, so hug them tightly and tell them how much you love them
    • Thank them- For all that they have done, tell them a big thank you. It may seem small but it will mean a lot to them

    Parents always strive their best to provide for their children. So on parent's day, it should be the child's intention to make their day a memorable one. It is rightly said “If it bleeds it Leads”, parents are those bandages that will help, stop the bleeding and help in your recovery.

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