Tips to stay active during winter

Winters are here. For some, it may be exciting but for many it’s scary. Here are a few things that will help in keeping you going despite the temperature dip.

Staying active in winter is a bit challenging. We all want to stay under the blankets for longer hours.  But staying physically active is significant to nurture mental and physical health toward achieving fitness goals. Regular physical activity helps you reduce mental health issues. It also helps you feel better, strengthens muscles and bones, maintains or loses weight, and keeps your mind sharp. 

Here are a few things that will help in keeping you going despite the temperature dip.

Exercise – Regular physical activity is an important aspect to keep one fit. Yoga or meditation or spending a few hours in the gym will keep you warm and boost your immune system thereby enhancing immunity against common winter health problems. However, certain patients with asthma and joint disorders need to take extra care in this weather. They can consult with their doctor regarding the exercises which they can do. These patients should perform exercise under the guidance of a medical practitioner only. 

Healthy eating – Whole grains, lean meats, nuts and seeds, fresh seasonal fruits, and vegetables should be consumed to boost immunity. Foods rich in vitamin C strengthen your immune system and provide defense against the common cold and flu. Refrain from consuming fried, oily, processed foods as winter delights.

Putting layers – Wear several layers of comfortable clothing. Layers will help you guard against overheating, sweating, and eventually becoming colder.

Limiting smoking and alcohol – Alcohol or smoking in excess should be avoided, as alcohol is bad for heart muscles and smoking can contribute to several respiratory disorders and chronic diseases. Both of these have harmful effects on our overall health. 

Taking quality sleep – Sleep is very crucial because our body restores its functions and rejuvenates while we sleep. Sleep has numerous health benefits provided it is of high quality. Sleep has a healing effect too. Sleeping too much is also not recommended. An individual should sleep at least 7-8 hours daily. 

Wash hands frequently – Respiratory infections are quite common in winter. One should avoid it by washing hands regularly with soap and water. Children should be given annual flu vaccination shots. 

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